16 November 2010

Cate Colour


this colour combination has captured my attention. I've seen it in fashion-
Now how to use it in interiors.



  1. I love this color, and intend, when I ever get to it, to paint my living room with it. Back in the 80's someone in Architectural Digest did a lush highly decorated conservatory or small living room with it (Buatta perhaps?) and I've been trying to find that image again for years. (I didn't know then that I'd get obsessed with room colors).

  2. Darling, I have chartreuse walls above black and white tiles in my kitchen. And if I strategically place a few tomatoes there, will that do?

  3. Balsam- I find myself trying to find things constantly .
    PTE- always
    Rosie- sounds perfect-even without the toms.



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