11 November 2010



"All I need is twenty minutes on the bathroom floor with witch-hazel pads on my eyes, and I can conquer the world.” 

the grandee of fashion. Diana Vreeland.

I mean- Didn't SHE?
my GranMa swore by it-& to my mind neither lady could fall too far from the mark.

that the witch hazel had to be pulled out of the gramophone cabinet in the bath, I won't deny, but the books-Baudot's the Allure of Women and Diana Vreeland's ALLURE sit on a single stair that I pass at least 25 times a day. one opened with Diana Vreeland's photograph a permanent part of the stairscape. Photographs of my GranMa on her honeymoon are just down the hall- I never know when one of them will have something to say.



  1. Just finished DV which Stefan offered me in a giveaway! I agree, she always had something so iteresting to say!

    Art by Karena

  2. It works best if the witch hazel is ice cold.

  3. I used to always use witchhazel for the face. I think I will satrt again, thanks to Ms.Vreeland

  4. This is on my winter "well red" list. She, like Castaing, created her own vision of reality and inhabited every square inch of it. By the way, I think witch hazel is amazing stuff. I like the one with aloe vera. Great soother for garden mishaps from bites to sunburns to sore muscles.

  5. Allure is at the tippy top of my wish list this holiday season...adore everything about this post! And wondering if rubbing alcohol would work in a pinch! :)

  6. Karena, What a great book. One of my many fav. in the biography category

    Hobac-a devotee of Witch Hazel-Great TIP.

    David- yes, if it was good enough for Vreeland it is good enough for me- I agree.

  7. Z, It has come out again hasn't it ? I have a good copy my business partner has "our" first edition. I may need to look into that! pgt

    Home- Good for what ails you? my GranMa used it as a toner. I keep it for bites,sunburns- I like the medicated-it is zingy.

  8. Witch Hazel !!
    Truly a blast from the past.
    Must find some.

    Also want the new version of Allure - so I'll have bother versions available at all times.


  9. I would use witch hazel pads on my skin and I always felt so youthful. This reminds me to go back to it.

  10. I happen to love the smell of witch hazel (some are bothered by it). My mother swore by it for puffy eyes. It actually does work!

    I just finished DV recently and it is now one of my all time favorite books ever. Allure is on my list, but I'm trying to find a 1st edition.

    Oh, I did try to find the post on your neice and her tree house under your August posts, but didn't see it. I will keep looking!


  11. sadly, Not her tree house-but this is the link to His tree house.




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