15 November 2010



this creation "JUNO" named for wife of Zeus. Juno, possibly the first ornithologist, bestowed her beloved Peacock with his glorious plumage of iridescent turquoise.
that Christian Dior's deeply flouncing gown crinolined and corseted its wearer was much the fate of Juno's peacock- enslaved by the burden of his weighty train to Earth and Dior's mannequins-enslaved to Fashion.

Dior's junon ca 1949
Pavo cristatus
Tiepolo's juno and luna, ca. 1735.

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  1. I love peacocks. They are a miracle of nature. No man could ever come up with such exquisite beauty.

  2. Gorgeous !!!!
    Love Tiepolo- one of my favourite painters- if you ever go to Wuerzburg ( Germany )- The W├╝rzburg Residenz has some fantastic frescoes by Tiepolo- worthwhile visting !!!!



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