03 November 2010



 image from the World of Interiors

Anne Marie Saint make-up test

don't you have odds and ends about the house you should do something with?
no doubt.
it's like that here- things I want you to see and are a bit- late, odd, out of context- you know the sort.

for instance:

by de Kooning


Pietro Perugino


Snow White Lamentation
by Hurter

an enameled suit of armor

Is anything really random?
Is there meaning in a few words? images?
do we search, unrelenting, to make sense of it all?



  1. Many of those odd bits are on my etsy site, though I can't tell I've parted with anything. I liked that Bjork song; never heard her songs. It is interesting that you found the song and pic from the AM memorial. Were you a fan of his?

  2. I have all sorts of odds and ends of images and text (postcards, magazine clippings, prayer cards, what have you) that I have saved b/c they struck me in some way. I tucked them in some odd drawer or file somewhere and when I'm going through things I find them and they give me pleasure anew. I'm cleaning my house right now (well, right now I'm having a coffee and checking in on Little Augury -- love the new banner photo, btw), and have found some of these little odds and ends, so your post was extra timely for me!

  3. It's funny...I'm in a "random" mood myself today. What a great idea.

    Wonderful images, all! Loved hearing/seeing the gorgeous Ms. Björk on this gloomy Thursday.


  4. LA, I have notebooks labeled "odds and ends", "misc", and "pretty", 4x8'' bulletin board, and numerous files and piles for such, and though it may appear random, there is something in each that feeds the brain and soul. I especially love your sampling today, and hope you share more in future!

  5. Stunning all. I'll take the de Kooning please

  6. You tauntress, you: the premise that your images are "out of context" followed by your intriguing questions as to whether we seek to tie them up into a "sense"-ible narrative. This could be a pretty good art history quiz. If I didn't have the world's [worlds'?] worst head cold, I'd get to work. But since you asked, yes I'm in the everything is random to which we bring meaning group.

  7. I go with Flo that the world is random/chaos and we make meaning of it with a twist of our personal kaleidoscope lens. I like the term 'ephemera' for the flotsam and jetsam debris we have left over from our little adventures. It sounds better than "junk drawer," no?

  8. Donna, of course I am a great devotee of McQueen. I do like Bjork too. did you see the post with the Cocteau film that has the new header pic you had asked about? hope so.

    HHR- yes, gloomy here and seemingly an appropriate song for today. She can sing.

    Townhouse-see the Cocteau post recently that explains? the banner.

  9. Z- me too.

    DED- yes, a homage to his days in Asheville at Black Mtn. College.pgt

    Thea- Wish I was organized that way. it all seems a bit random Here. I agree-there is always some linking, message or wave that follows any picture story, as I see it. pgt

  10. Flo and Home. Do feel better Flo, and take a pass on the quiz. I very much agree with you both. There is a story here. On faces we turn to the world and how we protect ourselves from that scrutiny, reasons for tragic despair-celebration and grief. In fact when I put images up here- I admit I did edit-after I saw a story developing. Gaye

  11. dear dear pgt, have answered you bloggishly. xo. (sending sunshine your way, always.)

  12. Love those bookcases from the World of Interiors, but can't say I ever pictured Asheville in the manner of DeKooning. I believe Cezanne would have done those beautiful mountains more justice.

  13. I think your Art is very important. I think your story is beautiful. Just wanted to say so. xo

  14. With your sweeping and eclectic selection you have made the collecting hoards ecstatic! I am so tired of hearing how I should "unclutter" my (interior and exterior) life when I adore so much in life... music, art, books, objects of all kinds...the list is endless. Your "image from the World of Interiors" made me ridiculously happy.

  15. Victoria, your random is a delight. Gaye

    smilla- I do so agree. that WOI image is something isn't it? How faces reveal so much- and that endures over and above all. Gaye

    mytwocents- yet it is so compelling that he paid homage to his years at black mountain college is such a gift. Gaye

  16. Everyone that beleve that everything is chaotic and random in
    There are two classic views

    The Greeks discussed whether we are opposing order on a chaotic universe or are we discovering the rules of the order of the universe?
    Is math a creation of man's mind or the discovery of the absolute reality?Whichever you believe, you have to live with the day to day life of the reality of the other viewpoint.
    That is the paradox, that whatever belief you have, your day to day life is bombarded with the other position.

  17. Awakened still curious about the components contained within "Asheville".... of the surprising things I learned [link attached] is the size of the painting, indeed it is small enough to lie flat here on my desk; moreover the time taken to complete the painting's four complex versions points up the paradox behind any appearance of randomness.


  18. I missed this one before but it's a perfectly gloomy Sunday here, and I love it. I'm hoping to organize my little bits of inspired piles today. And, I hope to feel a little Pietro Perugino while doing so. Love ALL.



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