25 November 2010

a Thanksgiving Taste


with John Currin
"thanksgiving" 2003

a book from 2006- I have this one, it is exceptional.


  1. I guess we think alike. Same painting I chose for one of today's posts on Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Gaye. Barbara

  2. I remember reading articles about him when he was just starting out. Wonder what his paintings will be worth in the future; if the cognoscenti will be kind...

  3. Nice ‘n Easy
    Sotheby’s New York
    Nov. 11, 2008 http://www.artnet.com/magazineus/features/coggins/john-currin11-19-10_detail.asp?picnum=15
    Donna, I Hope so, obviously He is making it "worth"while at the moment! pgt

  4. Reggie adores John Currin, nasty man that he be. First dropped my jaw at the Whitney show, then was miffed at a Gagosian show where he showed pictures verging on the porno, almost Jeff Koonsish in his narsty bits phase. Interested to see the current show to see if Mister Currin has righted the ship, again. History will be kind, I think. RD

  5. Reggie, darling- I hope you do read the interview it is very good, and he is still doing his very realistic pornographic paintings. hope you were satiated yesterday. pgt

  6. an interview with a Currin model and a new painting, http://www.nowness.com/day/2010/11/26/1117



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