22 November 2010

wing and a prayer


 detail of Cavallini's angel

I am utterly inspired right now by the new blog  COLETTE van den Thillart and Nicky Haslam are writing.  A recent COLETTE entry- A WING AND A PRAYER started me thinking.
Now-You may say, Here We Go.
Well Yes.
come along.

photograph NH Designs

Collette talks about a recent shop acquisition and the co-opting of classic symbolism into massively mass production-she puts it this way concerning : "Wings, like skulls, have become by and large cheap clichéd symbols of our time" CvdT This console, acquired by Nicholas Haslam Designs- wings and all- Is 18th century.

photograph NH Designs

This one- or "pair" as it were- Is the exception- and isn't there an exception to every cliched cliche?
So there-
The Wings.
The prayer would be- to host on high-that it was Mine. No, it was not to be. It was scooped up by lofty Haslam clients immediately.

Along with the Wings everywhere, Skulls must be dealt with. What does it all mean? Wings? Skulls? The motifs are ever present in Momento Mori imagery from centuries past telling the earth bound "Remember your mortality."
Embraced in our Youth obsessed world today-unusally enough- it is easy to dismiss them as Trend. Fashion. They will be Out and the next big thing is In.
I do have a little skull here and there.
I embrace.
I would definitely have this-

I spotted this Delfina Delettrez  ring  about 2 years ago.

So don't shy away from a gorgeous skull, it has been knocking about since-



“Let every man in mankind’s frailty
Consider his last day; and let none
Presume on his good fortune until he find
Life, at his death, a memory without pain.”

& so it is with Wings,


yes, snakes- (the next "big" thing.)


Pompeii had it all- everything, it started there & never stopped.
we grasp at something new, undiscovered.
it had all been done -B.C.E

& I mean everything darlings, 

& I'm not talking about jewelry -

but they had that too-

I would have this in an instant & I would wear it with my
Delettrez skull.

Are you on Trend or are you already into snakes?



  1. The snake bracelet is beautiful. It amazes me how snakes and other things such as insects were featured heavily in Victorian jewellery

  2. HI PGTAPP, fascinating...spent some time in Pompeii but im not sure i noticed the serpents as there were too many phallus's everywhere!!

  3. Long hated snakes. Then why in the world did I create a garden full of stone terraces (mouse motels) and then came the snakes. I have a green and yellow one that I swear smiles like a labrador. They still scare the livin' bejesus out of me when I come across them. All this anxiety and yes I own a black and gold painted chest that has pewter snake handles. Go figure. I do think the Victorians/Edwardians were an amazing amassing of information and interests. Enough to fill curiosity cabinets to circle the globe.

  4. Wings and skulls are timeless. Two aspects of death, perhaps? Not meaning to be morbid--! Here are some of my own "musings" on these topics





    Your blog is a true inspiration to lovers of beauty. Thank you.


  5. You had me at Cavallini, though the Victorian bracelet completely finished me off. Another terrific post, keep them coming.

  6. I love the murals from Pompeii, in fact I've been thinking of painting one in my house. I also love that the skull in the mosaic rests upon butterfly wings. Maybe the message is, "Eat dessert first!" ... Mark

  7. The painting style of Pietro Cavallini's angels from The Last Judgment are so modern! I wouldn't have noticed until you posted the detail. Incredible! And you reminded me how much I want these earrings: http://bit.ly/dVXS1j ($1,800....)

  8. David, I love that bracelet! those Victorians are always surprising me.

    Colette, thank you for the inspiration.

    Liz, fantastic earrings, no doubt. those stylized feathers are very modern.

    Anon- thank you , the Cavallini angel is as Liz says beautifully modern.

  9. Home, say hello to your green and yellow lab, and step lively. I agree about the Victorians!

    Diane, many thanks for the great links.

    Mark, Pompeii is full of inspiration of all sorts. I particularly love looking at them in detail. pgt

  10. la --

    I saw this and thought of you.


    (I guess that means you're getting a rep!)

  11. http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/ispied/lu25780673/132/bejewelled-skull-ring.html

    (For your Christmas stocking?)

  12. My engagement ring is 2 snakes biting either side of a diamond. Love comes in all forms.

  13. the Ancient- I would not turn it down!

    Jezebel- and none better than that- yes the snake the apple and the original lovers. pgt



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