11 December 2010

chores continue

one of the most difficult holiday tasks is to carry on with the chores- along with light stringing, trips to grab something forgotten at the store- and again, trees, holiday pageants...

we can certainly let go of many chores,
You can not do it all,

however some must go on.
this one goes on-
and on,
and on- etc. etc.

but-still It has to be unloaded-
off to do it Now.

(dishwasher image from World of Interiors -issue I know not what)



  1. Clever was the first word that came to my mind also! Isn't the faux butler supposed to do the emptying though??

    Have a wonderful weekend of accomplishment!
    xo J~

  2. The only time I curse my collection of antique china, is when the washing up comes around. Like today, following a holiday luncheon. I'm pooped and will order in pizza for dinner.

  3. If ONLY...I would much more enjoy the loading and un....
    for a time at least!

  4. Oh for crying out loud.....I think that it would make it more of a hassle...what with the tricky double open process etc....but...I would certainly take it...very pretty...K

  5. Why can't a dishwasher just be a dishwasher? This WOI dream special IS lovely...but to be that pretty it should come with someone to empty it! AND BTW would not recommend someone with that Y chromosome who has no fine motor skills...trust me!

  6. I ironed 15 shirts and vacuumed today.



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