29 December 2010

Favorite Posts 2010 ii : ULLA of model's own


Ulla van Zeller writes the blog model's own.

(her posts on Katz are great too)

Ulla's summer excursion to Cuba provided a wealth of magical photographs and a glimpse at the color, climate and culture of Cuba.
See all her Cuba posts Here.

just a few of my favorite photographs from the many of her trip :

& for another favorite post from model's own:

all photographs are property of model's own.


  1. I LOVE the Alex Katz painting. And the photo of Ulla standing next to it. There is such a wonderful sparkle in her eyes.

  2. dear L.A,
    what an honor you bestow upon me, thank you, I am delighted.
    very kind!

  3. Bruce, Ulla does sparkle, it's true.

    Ulla- You my lovely friend always find something new and wonderful for me to delight over.

  4. Does this young lady take a less than glowing photograph, I think not?

  5. Oh, the compliments! Oh, the praise! Ahhhhh..... Fantastic.



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