02 December 2010

more Madeleine for You


I introduced mystery; there was never mystery in houses.

You can feel mystery: It comes from a certain Beauty.

There's always Beauty in mystery.

 The unexpected is always there &  it brings things to Life.
-Madeleine Castaing

quote by Madeleine Castaing from Emily Evans Eerdmans book The World of Madeleine Castaing

there are 2 copies of this wonderful book signed by the author- for you-
just leave a comment- or one on the original post to have a chance HERE
for chance to make it yours-
or an additional chance to sweeten your luck.

the winner will be selected from the pages of the book by Madame Castaing-
yes, we will be channeling Madame here on the 7th December.



  1. Throwing my name in the hat! One of the only things I've asked for this Christmas.

  2. That vase is stunning -is it your own?

  3. Would so love this book! Merry, Merry!

  4. Mystery also equals character and fascination, both of which your lovely vase possess. It makes a room/home so much more interesting.
    xo J~



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