09 December 2010

St. Nick shoe chic


would that I could leave such a shoe out for Saint Nicholas on Christmas Eve- I am sure that old man would thrill at the sight of this heavenly shoe outside in my hall for leaving a few treasures, some peppermint candy or whatever he deemed I am worthy of for good behavior this year.

that I could produce this Roger Vivier number for the Saint I would.
I can't.
This one is tucked in at the Metropolitan in the Costume Institute likely nestled in some air tight cloud. The slipper was designed for Pauline de Rothschild ca. 1966 and is made of silk, plastic and cotton. Who says I don't like plastic?

& it measures 11 inches- big shoes to fill.

I do have this just outside my bedroom door, a tiny replica of the slipper from the Met Store's collection of ornaments created from their Costume Institute shoe collection.
It is the best I can do,
sorry Santa baby,
will you even bother?

what if any-old Christmas traditions do you follow?



  1. oh these are fantastic you clever girl!! xo

  2. Hello LA:
    Those are pretty swell slippers, and if I were a girl I'd be green with envy. I kind of still am, anyway!

    Here are my Christmas traditions:
    (1) Oyster stew on Christmas Eve for supper
    (2) Midnight service at the Episcopal church I attend, to make sure I focus on what this is really all about after all
    (3) Open one little present before bed
    (4) Consume heavily spiked egg nog first thing Christmas morning and throughout the day, at least until the supplies run out
    (5) After opening presents, make telephone calls to distant family with Christmas wishes, hopefully while still sober (enough)
    (6) Drink more egg nog
    (7) Take an afternoon hike to sober up and enjoy the majesty of the winter in the Hudson River Valley
    (8) Make an emergency run to local convenience store for more egg nog
    (9) Fall asleep on the sofa (too much egg nog) while watching "White Christmas" for the umpteenth time
    xo, Reggie

  3. That is a treat for Saint Nick.

    One Christmas tradition I have had with a friend is that we give each other the same Christmas card, and have done so for 20 years ago. The 2 cards in current circulation are about 10 years old!

  4. This is a beautiful shoe, and I think if you put it out for St. Nick you'd be sending him a message that good things come in little packages!

    My favorite Christmas tradition is to read a really good book that I've chosen and set aside just for Christmas Day - my yearly gift to myself.

  5. LA, may I suggest a trip to Michael's for some faux leafage and berries, and a hot glue gun? No doubt you already have a suitable pair of flat shoes (green or white would be best, I think--or silver?) so have at it and make your dream come true! And leave them out for Santa Baby, of course. I'm sure he'll never know the difference.

    Thanks for the suggestion about Christmas traditions--you've given me the idea for a post this weekend over at Collagitation!

  6. Just saw the most delicious of Vivier shoes when last in NYC on my Met private tour...The Secret Garden grows under lock and key. This famed Collection of shoes are nestled in collapsible boxes with framed padding which holds them as jewels ever so lightly...the shoes range from Turkish heeled delights heavily beaded and sequinned to the most singular Dior embroidered treasures. Vivier WAS the Master of Shoe design from the Golden Age of Couture. What a treasure to behold before me when I had the chance to buy TWO Vivier Silk booties with Turkish heels - one pair with Diamante' buttons and the other with Silk bows.

    I love YOUR vision of Style!!!

  7. Dear Gaye, they are gorgeous! I've never seen them before. I have a large ruby slipper ala Wizard of Oz which is supposed to be a tree decoration but I like it as an ornament on a shelf or table at Christmas.

    We don't have many traditions but every year I fill the house with candles and fairy lights. I've told The Actor he has to get organised this year as I'm not spending Christmas Eve in a different room while he wraps my presents and shouts if I try and come in!

    We always have gammon and parsley sauce and lots of roast potatoes and vegetables on Christmas eve (very English) whilst watching Christmas movies. In the morning we have Champagne and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs followed by presents and then friends come over for more Champagne. In the evening I love watching whatever period drama Christmas special the BBC have on that year xx

  8. Gaye,

    We always left a shoe out for St Nicholas!
    Christmas caroling
    Christmas Eve Celebration at my Parents
    Egg nog with Rum or a Hot Toddie my Dad loves to make!

    Art by Karena

  9. Oh and forgot to say...OUR tradition: A little tree made for SCULLY AND SCULLY, out of Florentine paper, feathers,mini glass ornaments and glitter on a tiered base of Florentine Paper with fabric trim. It is the best for it allows you to feel the mood in an Apartment, Hotel or Pavilion...and it is Classic Chic.

    A little bit goes along way!

  10. What a magical idea...leaving little treats for Santa in a shoe! P.G.T, I do believe you are part fairy.:) And goodness, what a shoe. I love your version as well!

    We read from Dickens', A Christmas Carol. Sometimes my dad falls asleep and we pretend not to notice! We also make my aunt Audrey's egg nog.


  11. Tina, I try, I try!

    David- I have to say that is quite fun, fun! I bet they are dog eared. I occasionally think of using tags again from year when they get attached to bows-though I have not Yet.

    Mark- a good book is always a good tradition.

  12. Diane, oh you know I should, what a good idea-though Santa has a keen eye, if he knows when I sleep he will surely know when my shoes are knockoffs!

    Karena, I love eggnog too. it is the one thing I really indulge in during this time of year-any and all kinds spiked and un.

    HHR- I read Dickens Carol every year on my own since the mid 80's, always always amazing to me how brilliantly he understood human nature.

    Christina- your traditions sound wonderful, gifts and delicious food, and more of the same throughout the day. always candles, always.

  13. Reggie, I am tucking in to Darlington if ever I find myself alone, I do so love to open something the night vefore, my brothers and I have always done that since I can remember! Could I skip the service, though I could run to the store for you- friends don't let friends..., though I would Never turn down spiked nog- even if I am flying. so on board about white Christmas, how can we not watch that.

    Swan, I can see it now, and would love to see those shoes. The tree sounds just fantastic, Yes a little goes a long way-unless it would be balenciaga & vivier. Gaye

  14. Of course he will!!! The elves do make teenie tiny itty bitty peppermint candies you know, among other delectable delights, and I'm just sure they would fit into your sweet little holiday pumps! There is always the problem of the 'Christmas mice' though...they've been known to steal such treats in the middle of the night, naughty little things! ;)
    I do love the idea of pretty shoes over stockings....some very large doctored up holiday Wellies could hold lot's of goodies couldn't they...you have me thinking now!

    The Christmas Eve candle-lit midnight service at our church has been a constant tradition these past 20 years or so...and Swedish Meatballs & Marzipan (not together)!
    xo J~



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