06 December 2010

a wolf in sheep's clothing


 a Hector-Germain Guimard house with sculpted sheep by Claude & Francois-Xavier Lalanne
from At Home with Town & Country 

rather- a pair of Lalanne Sheep-
rather a pair of Lalanne Styled Sheep-

but, still pretty flocking fantastic if the Sheep in Sheep's clothing can not be had.

This- A Pair of sheep benches/sculptures designed after Francois Xavier Lalanne, French sculptor of surrealistic animals that doubled as furniture, circa 1960's-70's. The faces and ears are constructed of cast silvered bronze, as are the legs. The bodies are very strong solid hardwood, so they make very sturdy seat, they are covered in genuine white sheepskin.
found grazing at 1st dibs, Showplace Antique+Design Center,New York.



  1. Yes; you say it well: "flocking fantastic."

  2. That is so fabulously cute! At first glimpse I nearly thought them real...!
    A garden extravaganza!

  3. "Flocking fantastic" LOL, Little A, you are not only sparkling and clever, but naughty as well...

  4. Yes- DED and Bruce, I do try.

    Christa, would love the real Lalanne thing.

    Kristin- I need to track down a Valentino photograph -he is with a flock of them. pgt



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