14 January 2011

Anna's Return part i

She was a stranger when she came to live in Siam-
Now returning to England- she would be a stranger there too.
Anna Leonowens and her son Louis had lived in Bangkok,
where she was contracted to teach English to the children of the royal household.
She threatens to leave when the house she had been promised is not available.
She stayed.
& fell in love with the children-
and their father.
(all Anna's things at 1st dibs HERE.) 
read my SHALL WE? post HERE- to catch up on ANNA.


  1. I, like you, adore this story and when I was in Thailand trekked all the way to see the palace which is in the middle of nowhere. I was sooooo disappointed. After a boat ride, a bus ride and a very long walk we finally came to the "palace" which is in the middle of nowhere. More like a large wooden house and definitely nothing like the Hollywood version. They have a couple of the books in the library which I have jotted down to pick up next week. What a fun read, thanks!

  2. My gosh! Your polyvore collage-creations are magnificent, I can't tear myself away, so detailed they are w/ sources you wicked temptress, I keep getting up from my desk to go for my credit card but it's still early in 2011 and I have resolved to de-sizzle my Visa....

  3. Dear Gaye, I love your choices of oriental furniture. I don't own any but would love some chinoisserie. I have a few very large buddhas that I've collected. I'm trying not to spend too much this year... saying that I have been buying some ridiculous costume jewellery on Ebay. I figure I have enough clothes already! Thank you for your lovely comments - You're right Joan Crawford is definitely a big fashion influence to me xx

  4. Julieta- oh no! as with most things the movie-especially the musical is better. let me know if the books top it.

    Flo- thank you, I am new to doing the polyvore thing- It was fun to take the clothes especially and think about Anna's changes. I love Yamamoto.

    Christina-accessories are a good place to go, I have gotten very dependent on them, some on ebay.



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