11 January 2011



(bye for now)
I did not know this one-know UR glad I found it
and by now-sick of all this (lol),but have we reduced words to a sort of code?

photograph of Lady Mendl's Party, January 1,1939
Mona Williams
by William Vandivert from Life 

I don't text (rarely if ever) I don't feel I am missing anything. maybe if I had children I would follow suit and do it. I have about as much technology as I can handle. It may be slightly old fashioned-but does that really surprise you?



  1. Dear Little Augury
    Oh no, I still stumble over my daughter's short form style of writing text and I often need to think really hard what it could all mean....It's sometimes quite entertaining!
    I persistently write back to old-fashioned way, much to the amusement of those youngsters!
    Sadly, but sincerely!

  2. Gaye you would really laugh if you saw me when I have attempted to text!

    Art by Karena

  3. I'm in complete agreement. Texting is a sorry excuse for true communication. But I love email, my computer and the internet --all that information right at my fingers.

  4. Scared me for a second there - I thought you were 'signing off' this blog! I don't text or tweet, I hardly even bother with a mobile phone. I associate it with being available for work and I love not being available! I won't rant here, but I really hate having to avoid other pedestrians who are so busy texting that they can't be bothered to watch where they are going. I like the old ways better: hand written notes!

  5. I hate texting... wears me out and, I rarely do it. So much easier and less time consuming to ring and have a quick 10 second conversation.

  6. I don't know how to text, and I'm not interested in learning how to do it. Archaic, old-fashioned email is just fine with me, even if it brands me as an "old." So be it--I am what I am! Thank you, though, for translating some of these slangy abbreviations, I hadn't a clue what B4N meant. Not that I plan on using it. Ever.

  7. It is alarming what's happening to our language. I feel like an old fuddy duddy for saying that, but so be it. I'm completely useless at texting.:)


  8. Thanks for clearing that up. Now I can understand my daughter's texts!

  9. I do text... but usually not in code. I always forget what these abbreviations mean. I don't B4N but I do TTYL {talk to you later}!

  10. I propose a few more...

    RIE-rarely if ever
    ISC-I stand corrected
    WMO-well, maybe once
    OT-on topic

    and most important of all

    POC-power of conversation

    jackie bliss farm antiques

  11. I resisted getting a cell phone until I had to: there was a family emergency where I needed to be abe to make a call quickly, and Chicago's dwindling number of pay phones (removed "to prevent drug dealing" which policy has been just as successful as you can imagine) made that a problem. And since I got said cell phone for my own convenience, not that of people who think they need an immediate answer to silly questions, I didn't even tell my friends I had one, because I didn't want the thing going off while I was at the theatre just because somebody wanted to know what I was doing. In fact, I think it was three years before I gave anybody my number and that turned out to be EEE, because she was in town for the day & we were going to meet up downtown. As far as other people & the cell phone were concerned, it was strictly Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I'm not using that acronym.

    Then one day, an incredulous visitor spotted what looked like a cell phone sitting on an antique chest in my hallway, and suddenly, the cat-&-mouse game was up. Within a week, everybody knew my number and not only that, they called me up just for the novelty of it all. All I can say is it was a lot more amusing for them than it was for me. Even so, they knew better than to expect an answer to texted questions that looked like airport abbreviations. Those I just ignored, and finally, they stopped.

    But that Twitter nonsense is even worse, because it assumes that other actually people care what I'm doing from moment to moment, and that I care what they're doing, when, actually, I don't. Not at all. Anything that can be squeezed into 140 characters probably isn't worth reading, anyway.

    The other day I saw a giant billboard for--I think--an Ipod, whereby some couch-borne dork is keeping up-to-date with all his friends' busy, productive lives via Twitter:

    Julie: Just ate the best sandwich. Ever.

    Kate: Can't wait to see my sister tomorrow.

    Kevin: Ran 10K this AM

    And that's supposed to make me want to buy one of those gizmos? OMG

    What is wrong with people?

  12. I long to be sitting on the couch at a party and extend my hand to be kissed by a handsome gentleman however, my hand would probably be busy texting my company's 20 somethings who are most proficient in that language. My children prefer the short and sweet as well. What has happened to me?

  13. as I read and re-read these comments- it seems the nature of texting is abhorrent to most of us and only if we have children or young loved ones do we force ourselves to it. I do tweet-EEKKK!!! omg.but in my defense only to repost my blogs and good posts I read. forgive me one and all. Gaye



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