05 January 2011

feeling the rhythm: Patti Smith


this is the first of an ongoing look at Artists inspired by the words of Patti Smith.

image from here

little augury on Just Kids, by Patti Smith here.



  1. I'm coming to the end of JUST KIDS and loving it. It's refreshing, accessible, direct and dare I say organic? Just reading about her desire to become an Artist seems so pure and innocent. She describes living in the Chelsea Hotel as a living in "a dollhouse from the Twilight Zone." I highly recommend JUST KIDS as well the experimental doc, DREAM OF LIFE.

  2. Anon, I could not agree more- see this post, http://littleaugury.blogspot.com/2010/12/just-kids.html
    I recommend it to just Anyone. This look at artists that transcend gender was and outgrowth of the book.




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