17 January 2011

honeysuckle & GOLDEN


This is my pick for best dressed at the Golden Globes yesterday, does anyone really care who wins? It is all about what they wore. Not necessarily so-but I seldom go sit in a theatre any more- rather I wait for netflix to fill the movie ticket. Julianne Moore always pulls something spectacular off-this time it is a one shoulder Honeysuckle Lanvin gown. It is a glorious color to wear-a bit harder to decorate with. Honeysuckle 18--2120 is Pantone's color of the year and has already been much talked about.

Getty image

Pantone's Color of the year

but in this room by Mica Ertegun, Honeysuckle is done at its best.

 (though any photographed room can appear a certain color-
if the first image is correct it is more honeysuckle than coral-but so hard to tell.)

never going wrong in Black- or the other strong neutral Grey.

 Piper Perabo wearing Oscar de la Renta and
 getty images

The Modern Classicist- Billy Baldwin

or flat out- 
Tilda Swinton in Jill Sander &  a single Baldwin slipper chair.

Swinton photo- Getty



  1. I think honeysuckle would mix very well with a tint of your Hammersmith Bridge Green. I love both colors! ...Mark

  2. Tilda Swinton is being savaged by the press and bloggers. Call me crazy, but it was MY favorite outfit last night, because I would wear it, and feel totally glamorous and old Hollywood. There were many other lovely dresses, but this one was made for me.....k

  3. Mark- no doubt and I have thought about it though trending lavender and orange.

    Kathy- good for Us and the Blogger the emperor's old clothes did too- we are vindicated! a good blog to follow. pgt

  4. Dear Gaye, honeysuckle is a wonderful colour! And those painted wardrobes would satisfy my longing for some chinoisserie xx

  5. What a wonderful post- I love the dress/interiors comparisons. I love the honeysuckle color, not sure about the dress.

  6. I'm not much of a pink girl but how could you not love Lisa Fine's fabulous flat. I also didn't catch much of the awards show - after all, it was on at the same time as Downton Abbey. But looks like Colin Firth's wife was simply elegant.

  7. Love the honeysuckle color, and usually Julianne Moore, but that dress was so ill-fitting—she is swimming in it—and full of hideous creases. Not in the least elegant.

  8. Oh my goodness, I will have to now revise my opinion of you, my dear Little Augury!! That dress of Julianne Moore's was a HORROR!!!!!! The color was fine. The rooms you are showing in this post, however, are spectacular. OK, never mind, I still love you. But really, darling, look at that dress again and please reconsider.

  9. Christina, and Christa, honeysuckle looks good on her and ME can do no wrong!

    Quint. I have loved LF's apartment ever since it was published in elle decor. I had to watch Downton-finally something worth tuning in to, but I did get to look at the GG's for about an hour before.

  10. Anon's both, I stand by my pick, you knew I would. The creases- well how to avoid that? I am glad the rooms I featured redeemed me in you eyes somewhat- and please reconsider that dress!



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