27 January 2011

more about style: D'Ornano


"I think it is important that people not get too caught up in having a certain style. 
It is so limiting. 
People should do what pleases them and it will all work out."-
Isabelle D'Ornano

Countess Isabelle D'Ornano
daughter Christine, and her own daughters

photograph Nick Haddow

"When my curtains needed to be replaced, I replaced them with exactly the same curtains! 
I love lots of color, 
lots of texture, 
lots of family things around, 
I've always been this way." 
Isabelle D'Ornano

the celebrated D'Ornano interiors by Henri Samuel

I think keeping the family as the top priority is 
the most important thing any of us can do to make a better world. 
The family is the building block of society."  
Isabelle D'Ornano

Christine, daughter of Isabelle

Christine D'Ornano Style

image elle decor

Vogue UK, elle decor images

Style, given the proper attention-runs in the family.



  1. Oh Gaye - you're not going to believe this - I had a post for next week EXACTLY the same!! With the Paris apartment and the daughter's London digs. How weird is that!!

  2. quintessence, I think there is a small string connecting a number of us. It must be as with friends we talk to and tune in to-with several we complete each others sentences. I feel as if I am in perfect company with you! Gaye

  3. Beautiful room.
    Beautiful quotes.
    Thank You for sharing!

  4. every image has a yellow accent - one of my favorit ecolors and highly under-utilized. I couldn't agree more with her -people worry about style so much -just do what you love!

  5. What an elegant lot these! Dreams start here don't they!

  6. When you love something it grows. I love her style and that her family is of utmost importance.
    Gorgeous Lady and bevy of beautiful gals.

  7. I see you have retired the lovely reclining lady in orange that used to adorn your blog heading. Would you share with us which painting she is from? Thanks so much.

  8. Bruce, as always thank You for following along.

    Stefan- great eye (of course) I agree with that statement wholeheartedly too.

    Paul and Patricia, I think it is not limited to love and family that good things come but it is a wonderful place to cultivate- Art, Charity, Love and yes, Style.

    Patricia- I love that quote. It shows in their business ethic and in their faces as well.

  9. Love these rooms. And love her knickerbockers in the first image. And the quote about the curtains is verbatim what my grandmother used to say. Thank you.

    -- Miss W

  10. Anon. The headers- Unless it is something that was on a few days and did not appeal to me so very much I have had several but that description is eluding me. I have had 2 photographs from my own collection- a lamb and pr of women harvesting wheat. A still from a Cocteau movie graced the header for about 2 weeks. Then this Liotard painting, A Study of a Woman-artist name missing (this one at Christmas) and the most recent an Edwin Tarbell for the month of January. If I am missing something forgive me. I was experimenting with a portion of a Zubaran painting last night- his Saint Isabel, but it did not work.-pgt

  11. Miss W. Yes, I think it is the old(er) way, and I for one agree. I loved all these quotes-they reflect a good deal of my own thoughts!

  12. This an amazing family. Love shines through the photos. I, too, wanted to know the artist of the previous header. I'm going to do a little research on Edwin Tarbell as I love the painting. As for Zurbaran, please keep trying as his paintings, although not the well known in the US, are divine. Thanks for all of your great and inspirational posts. Mary

  13. Refreshing in every way - i agree - style is divine, but worrying about being stylish is limiting - i prefer to have chutzpa, elan, flair, take risks - and hopefully it is all done with style and if occasionally i get it wrong (and i DO!) then im in the company of a lot of tastemakers who you can rest assured...got it wrong now and then too!!

  14. Thanks for your reply and I apologize for my inaccurate memory of the painting. The lady is not wearing an orange dress after all. It was the Ed(mund) Tarbell painting that I was after and I found it on-line. Beautiful and I thank you for the information.

  15. Mary. thanks and glad between the two of us we got it. it is a wonderfully appealing, to me, painting-that reflects the mood of little augury.

    Colette. so true.if it has to be studied too much it flops. Who really has it today?

  16. Dear Gaye, A most interesting posting which gave me much food for thought. I cannot say that I agree with the notion that if one 'does as one pleases' it will inevitably work out...indeed I can recall several positively hideous interiors where the owners would have said that they had done exactly as they pleased. And it showed!

    The Paris apartment has great panache and the architecture of the place and the scale of the rooms do, I feel, make important contributions to the success of the overall scheme. It is all rather too orange or too blue for my liking but it is certainly carried out with a bravura which commends it as being out of the ordinary.

    Why the Countess felt the need to replace curtains I have no idea. 'Let them rot at the windows' is my motto. When aiming for a shabby chic look, this is essential in my view!!

  17. Dear Gaye, great advice and another inspirational post. Thank you xx

  18. The 'layered look' is shown to perfection in each of these images...nothing feels contrived. I've said for years to my friends who always bought things all "matchy matchy", just buy things you truly love and it will somehow all co-exist happily and beautifully together, reflecting the real you...I think it's true...but people try to hard maybe. Isabelle's efforts seem effortless...loaded with charm and character, and all very real.
    xo J~



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