11 January 2011



do you "omg?"
I don't. (well,only once)

photograph of Lady Mendl's Party, January 1,1939
by William Vandivert from Life



  1. Lady Mendl - "Now. Darling. You really must pull yourself together. We can't have a scene in front of the gingham."

  2. I have to admit, I do occasionally. This is a classic photo!

  3. Well, thank god I've found you! Where have been all my blogging life? Just flipped through the very merest bits of your blog and, DV, my friend, I read her autobiography in 1987! I have a photocopy of her interview in Interview! I'm an old (middle-aged) fan. And now on to Lady Mendl - I read about these women in university, again, a long time ago. Finally to have found a kindred spirit. OMG! Bless you!

  4. Yes... I OMG with my nieces and when I'm playing CatchPrase {great game}... but I don't woot!

  5. Neither "whoa" nor "I'm loving" pass my lips. "Oh my G--d" I prefer not to use and "omg" is not a pleasing substitute. "Omfg" is totally offensive. "Oh, my gosh" sounds so mealy-mouthed and "fricken" well ... nuff said! I'm such an old fart as far as language is concerned, but that is not to say I don't swear.

  6. OMG (and all others of its ilk) is like pouring a glass of whiskey and then just smelling it. Just get out with it!

    (On a side note, a number of vendors I do business with prefer to be called by their initials. There are days where I feel I'm spouting a mouthful of gibberish and random letters rather than any discernable language.)


  7. Mrs. B. "lol" NOT, how about that's funny. or a hahaha?

    HOBAC, "omg" if that that sad little curtain could talk- or text.

    David- work on it! "lol"

    Barbara- I have already spoken to you about this.

  8. Blue- how about the "I die." nor do I. a good swear is good.

    PVE, "swoon"

    MT- I know, LA, pgt.

    Down East- say it ain't so? uh oh.

  9. L'age moyen, omg! Me Too. TX. xoxo.
    (I will be checking in on your blog),Gaye

  10. OMG im afraid i DO...quite often in fact...but im an 80's girl and grew up during Frank Zappa and the Valley Girl era. I suppose i should leave it behind but it feels rather a part of me. x Colette



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