15 January 2011

shall we dance?


"The King & Her"
 Slim Aarons photograph, 1953

Wearing his costume from 'The King and I,' Yul Brynner invites Mrs Winston Guest to join him in a dance, while attending a party held in honour of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor at the Waldorf Astoria, New York
 (Getty Images)


  1. Did she dance? OMILORD....what an opportunity

    I hope CZ accepted......and danced with Yul Brynner............it would have been the dance of a lifetime......and that CZ was up for all the "fun " things that came her way!

    Her lovely daughter; is an apple not far from the tree!

    Cornelia is "selling the house".....and a lucky person it will be!

    Happiness exudes...and abounds. Everywhere in that house and in its grounds.

    the chicest ever. Leopard carpet......for the dogs. mud does not show.

    And the dogs and her children......meant everything to her. Also her garden; (I met her and talked to her at length......about gardens at the Arboretum celebration....in Arcadia, california........1996?? 1995? ) she was fascinating......Gorgeous.....and natural; Smart; perspicacious!
    And I bought her organic plant food! She was a wonderful speaker who had no notes.....she spoke from her heart.....


    Thank you!

    It was a thrill. The most gorgeous and lovely....gracious and helpful. A lady like this may never come again!

    I feel so, so , lucky to have met her!

  2. I had the priviledge to see "The King and I" at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in the early 80's. It was just lovely and one of Yul Brynner's final performances before his life passed as a result of lung cancer. Do you remember his tv commercials discouraging others from smoking? Very powerful message, indeed.

  3. Penelope- She is and was the quintessentially perfect WASP, pure style. I just hope someone will preserve the interiors of Templeton.
    I think she Must have danced.

    teaorwine- He was the perfect King. it is a beautiful story.

  4. A former fiancée lent Mr Brynner her apartment on Jones Street while in town with his show in the 80s at one of her theatres. Not usual of her, not unusual of him: the show always did extremely well. Was "The King and I" Yul Brynner or was he Secretariat's jockey; was her guest Yul Brynner, or the endless loot the production(s) hauled up from the market? The public service announcements about smoking, however, brook no doubt; it was a gentlemanly use of one's hold upon an audience.

    Similarly, the late Mrs Guest was so, so lucky (I quote for attribution, not to mock) to meet the reader who was willing to entertain her suggestions and who welcomed them gratefully. Now, that is a lucky person. What on earth did they do, when they went home, Brynner and Mrs Guest, if not remark to themselves that they felt rewarded by a person, for a change.

  5. Oh my lord! What a picture! It captures everything!!

    CZ's magnetism......(I actually met her at a garden show in California.....and she talked to me for 15 minutes.....she loved my "vignette: I did at the "Arboretum" (the former estate of "Lucky Baldwin" in Arcadia, California!

    CZ gave a lovely talk.....and what a divine , beautiful , and "full of beans" darling woman! Simply the absolute best!

    She had a "bottled" fertilizer......I bought cases of it!

    A true original.......and she loved my "bantam chickens" that were part of my "vignette" (maybe 20 were done!)

    She was such a darling lady! and full of enthusiasm!

    She loved animals....plants.....and she pronounced....."you people in California don't have to do THIS!!"

    And she showed slides of her plants wrapped in Hay in the winter!

    "Do you have any idea how lucky you are???"

    She was the most giving; darling, enthusiastic. divine woman!

    How lucky I was to meet her! And she adored my chickens!! (mille flour bantams...we still have a flock today!

    Twenty something years later...now in Santa Barbars.....then in Pasadena!

    What a gal!!!!




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