26 January 2011

thanks mom


& Karl too.
I recently remarked to a friend how I hated-and didn't we All (girls) -when on occasion my mother sent me off to school in a dress and long pants.
It was cold. It was rainy. You have to wear them today.

now here I stand wearing that very thing. I love it. I seem to put pants on every time I put on a dress. Maybe I am too old for it now-I mean I am not a 5 year old anymore.
But, I think it was Me all the time.

Chanel Couture Collection Spring 2011 on VOGUE.com



  1. haha. me too. I hated that mom always made me wear sweatpants under my skirts in pre-school. By the time I got to wear tights in kindergarten, she made me wear an extra pair of underwear over them to keep them up.

  2. hi
    Love them all
    Fay xx

  3. Firstly - love the new header - not just the painting, but also how the title and quote so subtly fit within the frame - a lovely understated statement. And of course love these beautiful Chanels. I remember the pants under the dress well. We were not allowed to wear pants to school so when it was cold, that was the obvious solution when walking to school (but of course then had to take them off). I also remember stuffing my dress into the snowsuit for the winter walk to elementary school. Can you imagine these days letting a 1st or 2nd grader walk by themselves?!

  4. Love this look.

    Q. thanks this header is one of about 5 I have had-and this one a Liotard painting keeps coming back again and again. I love his paintings. pgt



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