13 January 2011

Voo Doo


One of the reasons I started little augury,
Yes, Yes,I know you have heard it before, It began as a way of continuing a conversation with a beloved mentor and a promise to keep just a bit of his wit and wisdom alive by sharing it whenever possible. Along with this, an exchange of creative ideas-that was sadly lacking from my day to day design life.
 No More.

Prior to making the decision to -go it alone-in a business of my own, I worked in a place where creative juices were ripe. Working through a design project meant-getting feedback- inspired conversation. The owner of the design firm was a real talent with an acerbic humour that I could match-if need be. He was a great designer-as were a few others working there at the time. I still miss it- day in and out . .

Here is a place I would love to be in-not as a fly, maybe praying mantis. There must be a storm of creativity brewing in their offices on a daily basis. I am simply hypnotized. Cole Porter puts it this way:

Since you came my way
I am bound to say
things I once thought gloomy
now both bright and gay.

I'm so happy now,
and I'm sure somehow,
of this transformation
there can be but
one explanation:

You do something to me,
something that simply mystifies me.
Tell me, why should it be
you have the power to hypnotize me?
Nicholas Haslam and Colette van den Thillart have been everywhere since starting their own blog-they are in demand and with good reason as far as I can see. Colette says the two started their blog because they "thrive on creative exchange." So do I.

Right now Nicky Haslam is featured on the All the Best Blog and on the blog Style Beat. Read his rapid response here and here. He is also  featured in the United Arab Emirates The National.  Here is a bit of what he has to say about the direction of design in this year. "In 2011, I am most looking forward to this idea of 'heritage branding' that Suzy Menkes [the International Herald Tribune style correspondent] is espousing … I want design to be human and romantic. We need books - and not just on our coffee tables! And pictures and candles and layers … a move towards the quietly unexpected and less of this contrived hotel-style decorating."

Haslam finds inspiration, "what I like to call 'a germ of an idea' everywhere - from the grandest palaces to the most unexpected 'moments' … like a moss on a wall or a foil wrapper on a sweet … I am constantly inspired by fine (and not so fine!) art, fashion and shop windows - Louis Vuitton's and Harvey Nichols's have been fabulous." Haslam has recently begun blogging (you can find it at www.nh-design.co.uk/blog) and admits to rather liquid approach that includes Cool Hunter, All the Best, Little Augury, the Peak of Chic and An Aesthete's Lament.

The gentleman even sings.  A recent performance at the Savoy's Beaufort Bar Nicky says " I performed (note: not sang, am only too aware my talents lie in interiors and not singing!) the magical songs by Cole Porter whose lyrics have such depth, I simply adore his music." Since no video exists of this magical night Yet, I am hoping something will surface very soon. Here is a bit of voo doo from a sorcerer friend of Mr. Haslam's in serenade to the pair of design wizards-


and flowers-
 Mostly this twosome inspire. They inspire each other & are thoroughly inspiring others- especially me. Both cite the other- for their own inspiration- design twins? I think so.

(here & above)  Schiaparelli in collaboration with  Jean Cocteau

I could be a kissing cousin. No?

Colette recently wrote about "oily green"-a favorite color of the Haslam set. She cites the glossy green Hammersmith Bridge- that she traverses everyday to work as the color in question.

I'm sold on it obviously. Right now, I am using it in a Library. 
Here it is- still very much in the works.

I like it-

 some of my favorite colors, projects and  personal collections.

 read all of my recent NH Design posts here for inspiration (here), & go to Nicky and Colette's blog (here). I check in every day, you should too.

1st image of the great Jean Cocteau.



  1. What could "rather liquid approach" mean? How thrilling to be mentioned in The National.

  2. I love that pink wall...and that beautiful floral cushion cover. It's so poetic.

  3. Gaye I adore Nicki and Colettes musings, I love Cole Porter, and you bringing all of this inspiration together!

    Art by Karena

  4. You thrill me so, little augury!

  5. Wow, that green library promises to be stunning. I can hardly wait to see it finished.

  6. I recently discovered Nicky and Colette's musings - so much fun. Even his little wrapping session for Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life was charming. I also worked in a wonderful creative office that is difficult to replicate alone at home - hence the blogging. I am totally mad for your green library and its glossy finish - looking forward to seeing it in its completion!

  7. That green is a great color. Several years ago, I was visiting with a muralist who showed me English paint chips. I was stunned to see colors very different than any sold here. Did you have to go far afield to find that green?

  8. Great Great Great post!

    I feel blessed to have met you, Nicky and Colette here in Blog-land.

    How wonderful!

    How inspiring.

    Each and every day!

    Thank You.

  9. Aesthete-perhaps a free flowing mix of ideas for inspiration.

    Super D- I do love the Lavender, quite pretty with coral which I have not used together.

    Karena- with Cole Porter it is all about the lyrics, love him too-not to mention Bryan Ferry.

    Susan- happy to do so.

  10. Devoted Classicist- I will keep you posted.

    Quintessence- kindred spirit mine, & that wrapping session was charm personified!

    Mark- that is actually a SW color! I used SW and Farrow and Ball, and Ben Moore. these great colors are out there-less likely used but there!

    Bruce- thank you for that, much appreciated.



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