13 February 2011

all you need is love

from YSL & Katy Kane at 1st dibs here

there is also a wonderful jewel of a book LOVE by Yves Saint Laurent if you can find a copy do get it-inside a collection of  Yves Saint Laurent's drawings of the holiday greeting he would send out to close friends and his best clients.



  1. You always have the best scoop!...must try to find that book now! Happy V-Day...k

  2. I'm not quite sure this could get anymore amazing... I have Andy Warhol's Love, Love, Love... but this definitely trumps it.

  3. Now, if I were to give a Valentine's Dinner, you surely would be on the guest list. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Love this!! And not familiar with the book - sounds fabulous. May just have to ask my favorite rare book maven if she can snag me a copy!



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