17 February 2011

Hamish Bowles lavender cowboy


 a color that is hard to peg-just a quick look at the ubiquitous wikipedia here will make your head spin-

Favourite Colour of Hamish Bowles

a most arresting portrait of the color- Hamish Bowles.
photograph by Danko Steiner

Hamish Bowles' Lavender Louboutin  boots

HB from the pages of Vogue.com

from nowness Hamish Bowles interview here



  1. Hamish and the Lavender Gang. A great little a ngle on the color of lavenderr. I am enjoying you musings on the color.

  2. This is my all time favorite color! Amethyst and all i's lovely variations!

  3. the Hamish Bowles portrait is amazing... i love that lavendar on his hands

  4. Wow... what a great portrait! I'm going to send you a photo of a washed-out mussel shell... it's the most lovely shade of lavender.

  5. The lavender velvet jacket is just too perfect. I adore it.

    Miss W

  6. I love lavender too, my bedroom walls are a sort of mauvey shade of lavender and it is so nice to wake up in it. that photo of Hamish Bowles is amazing. I wonder where you found it?

  7. Jane- the photograph is linked to the site-models.com and originally from love? I think and also the photographer is linked.



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