08 February 2011

Hutton Wilkinson on Lavender


"I Love Lavender, but I tend to deal in jewel colors... So We call it AMETHYST. I am CRAZY about it...especially using it with silver gilt. All the ceilings on the main floor of my new house are painted a PALE AMETHYST... So, I guess I'm Really Crazy about it!!! " Hutton Wilkinson

amethyst and diamond brooch from Tony Duquette here

Hutton Wilkinson designer of interiors, jewelry for Tony Duquette and for his own line.
my post on Hutton's trip to Capitol here
Hutton Wilkinson  here
Tony Duquette here
Hutton Wilkinson here 



  1. Oh that brooch!!! So seriously swoon worthy!!!

  2. Q. I know, pick yourself up off the divan and go see this post about Hutton's trip to Charlotte NC to show off the Duquette jewels. amazing. pgt


  3. My library is painted in Poet's Purple, which is a deep lavender and I have never regretted it. It is actually soothing.

  4. I would love to wear that brooch, even just for a day! And, amethyst ceilings...I'm am most intrigued!

  5. Donna, I have a color from Duron (I think) called drifting spirits and it is very grayed plum and I love it too.

    PVE- no kidding.

    Bruce- He is a great personality and a very genuine man

    A& A- I think the pale Amethyst must be wonderful for the complexion!



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