18 February 2011

what is James wearing? Lavender


"The color lavender used in an interior creates an environment of a graceful ,refined elegance.
I find it to be very romantic and also very soothing. It really does work well with almost any other color and almost becomes the perfect neutral. Considered a feminine color by some , I tend to not apply gender to colors. I find lavender the most flattering color on both men and women. I personally enjoy wearing it all year round." James Andrew

photograph bu Alexander Coster Scott here

"I am told I have a lavender aura which means that I am highly imaginative,visionary,daydreamer- 
I like the sound of that."  -JA

interior designer, bon vivant, blogger James Andrew here & here



  1. i can only imagine the color of mine!!!


  2. Dear Gaye, lavender and green is one of my favourite combinations. I've been enjoying your lavender posts. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx



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