21 March 2011

the last strains of lavender


The Princess and the Dragon, Paolo Uccello

. . .but to go round the world 
and play at give and take with giants and dragons and monsters, 
and hear hissings and roarings and bellowings and howlings, 
and even all of this would be lavender, 
if we had not to reckon with Yanguesans and enchanted Moors.  
Miguel de Cervantes

 Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings

...this might be the sound of Lavender.




  1. you have taken my breath away this morning.
    thank you xxx

  2. A very affecting posting; I'm more touched by the vineyards in Uccello than by the cross of St G, and there are phases of a grape's 'veraison' which will give you lavender.

  3. This might be the sound of lavender...and silk. Made me take a deep breath which I needed! Thanks!

  4. Renee, Kristin- I hope to positive effect.

    Laurent-It is a painting that gives each of us something. The Barber strings would accompany the grapes well.

  5. Just perfect last strains and Barber, the soundtrack of all the lavender posts [a little video, perhaps?] Thank you for such a great chorus on a single color. ; )



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