09 March 2011



"Youre hawke proynith and not pikith and she prenyth not bot whan she begynnyth at hir leggys, and fetcheth moystour like oyle at hir taill." [ "Book of St. Albans,"  1486]

William Shakespeare

Some glory in their birth,ſome in their skill ,
Some in their wealth,ſome in their bodies force,
Some in their garments though new-fangled ill:
Some in their Hawkes and Hounds,ſome in their Horſe.

And euery humor hath his adiunct pleaſure,
Wherein it findes a ioy aboue the reſt,
But theſe perticulers are not my meaſure,
All theſe I better in one generall beſt.
Thy loue is bitter then high birth to me,
Richer then wealth,prouder then garments coſt,
Of more delight then Hawkes or Horſes bee:
And hauing thee,of all mens pride I boaſt.
   Wretched in this alone,that thou maiſt take,
   All this away,and me moſt wretched make.


"to trim, to dress up," late 14c., perhaps a variation of prune (v.),  or from O.Fr. poroindre  "anoint before," and O.Fr. proignier  "round off, prune." O.E. preon  meant "to pin,"
1480–90; late Middle English prene,  variant of Middle English prunen, proynen  perhaps by association with prenen,  to stab, pierce, from the pricking action of a bird's beak in preening

Elizabeth I hawking, 1575.from the "Booke of Faulconrie" by George Turbevile..  
images within this collage are Valentino Fall 2011 from Vogue.com. 



  1. Do you know about "All Saint's Spitalfields"?
    somehow this quote reminded me of my new discovery!

    this store has the same name as the church in Pasadena...California.... where I was baptized, confirmed.....married.....(1st time); daughters baptized.....etc........there is even one in Montecito..where we live now!

    this is not a Church......it is a designing thing.......that has stores. they are mysterious......and they are brilliant .....beyond....in my opinion.

    Way beyond anyone in an affordable mode at the moment.

    There is a store in NYC.......(meatpacking dist; of course) and in London.......

    and in Los Angeles..........(I cannot bring myself to say LA because I am a third generation Pasadenean ...and my mother might strike me dead!

    Go online......amazing stuff.....and your post reminded me!

  2. by the way.....no commercial connection at all........no way......

    A discovery! That is all!

  3. Penelope- I do not know this store and so glad you put me on the hunt. You have so many wonderful sources no doubt- please continue to send them my way! isn't the discovery and sharing what it is all about? I think so. pgt



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