14 March 2011

Victoria Thorne in Germany & the light of Lavender


In Strasbourg, the light in cathedral cast shards of soft white, grey, lavender & burnished silver on us.

In the Pfalz region of Germany, in a tiny town called Nussdorf, there is a sweet and charming bed & breakfast, the Villa Delange.

The room in which we stayed was painted in shades of lavender; you didn't really realize it, upon arrival.
It just sort of settled you in, and the softness of the walls and the light and the loveliness made the visit something out of the ordinary.

There is a great peace to lavender. It doesn't need to be much of a color, sometimes. It can disguise itself as gray, or white, or blue.
But it is in the light all around us. 

In a backward glance, you will often find that peace was right there, beside you, hidden in a color.

I'd thought it was something else, but looking around in the pale morning light: every wall, every sill, all across the ceiling. All shades of this color. Lavender.
Was I dreaming? 

all photographs used with the permission of Victoria Thorne



  1. G....my favorite lavender post so far. It's true...My living room is a creamy "hot chocolate" brown, and the walls behind the shelves french blue. I've never been able to figure out what is wrong with the combo....until recently...It's because there is lavender everywhere in the room (in the light/the brown paint/the brown wood floors)...I've been fighting it. I'm headed to the paint store in the a.m. to pick out a light gray lavender paint to remedy the problem.....excited...k

  2. Victoria is very special to this blog. Great inspiration and such a generous nature as witnessed by these extraordinary images. That is Very Exciting! I have just a few more LAV posts to do-but return and tell me how the changes go. pgt

  3. hello Gaye thankyou for your lovely comments Its been such a wretched few days Im behind with my reading Your Japanese posts are SO touching esp the Tsunami one and Norwegian wood and the Avedon too oohh dear its going to be such a long and difficult time for them I went back to take the lavender pictures for you when the shop keepers werent looking but OF corse Its UNIFICATION THIS WEEK so now its all red white and green !! love the Yamamoto tooo !! I used to be a Myake fanantic for many yaers ahhhh buona notte fay xx

  4. Gaye, tho this was written a bit ago by basho, i think he might've known it was about you: Real poetry is to live a beautiful life.

    And to live a beautiful life and share it with such immense grace, as you do...that is poetry that goes beyond words. Thank you. Always.



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