22 April 2011

in your Easter bonnet ii

~de Pougy



  1. Bruce. nothing nearly so grand as these. I will be going out to lunch, so I might have to do something festive. You? Susan?

  2. I have a few berets, that pink Dr. Seuss baseball hat as seen on FB, and an Indiana Jones hat and another summer hat (I think I will make that one my new FB pic). I would like a few more dress hats.

    Susan has some beautiful vintage hats. Beautiful! The kind that turns heads when you walk into a room. She also has a few hair pieces as pictured here:

  3. Bruce, from the looks of Susan's chapeau you are going to have to snap it up a bit-what about a straw boater? love vintage hats-have some of both my grandmothers where in the day they were so ofter worn. have both the hats they wore with their evening dresses for my parent's wedding.

  4. you are blessed to have those hats.

    yes, a straw boater would be wonderful.

    susan laughed (she has a great laugh) when i told her about what you wrote.



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