17 April 2011

the look of LOVE

that's what I see.

photograph from Hamptons style magazine

of note :

all thanks to comment by Maggiebex in the NY mag story about this one: (to give full credit to this great quote)
Ladies' Home Journal flatly contradicted this notion in 1918: "The generally accepted rule is pink for the boy and blue for the girl. The reason is that pink being a more decided and stronger color is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl."
Pink is for battelships  here
planting seeds of hate here
as if jcrew needs the help  here



  1. I have seen pink cement mixers.

    A fence in our yard I painted pink last summer. And the doors. And the wheelbarrow. "So much depends upon a (pink) wheelbarrow."

    And I love my 2 pink dress shirts.

    Susan thinks I should consider painting our old decorative garden ladder pink--I am not so sure; yet.

  2. It doesn't surprise me but it does sadden me to read that Keith Ablow is a shrink. There are many notable exceptions, but overall it's a very conservative culture, mental health.

  3. Little A, you will not likely be surprised, but I love a pale pink anything. I even painted a bathroom of mine the palest of the palest pink and installed pale pink light bulbs. My friends loved the way the lighting and the reflection off the walls made them look. It does something wonderful to the tone of the skin, akin to covering ones face with netting. Pale pink is my office white. It is not hum-drum corporate like a white shirt, but not so outre either. Vive la rose!

  4. My favorite color my husband wears is pink. He looks great in it. Hope you are well.

  5. I read the article in the link and the first five comments. Am pleased to report that all comments totally in disagreement with the "MD".

    I love my husband in pink shirts also. Thanks for the quote from House Beautful.
    I had no idea, so interesting. Wonder when that thought changed, perhaps in the thirties or forties.

  6. Such a talked about spread this week...

  7. I LOVE reading your quote from LHJ -how times have changed! I really think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am so happy that Jcrew is just ignoring it-and in the end- more publicity for them; win win! Really- does the far right have nothing better to worry about? All I see is a darling little boy spending quality time with his mother. I really don't understand people.

  8. I must say I was (naively?)shocked at the backward idea that a little boy with pink toenails is a wrong thing and the uproar to that effect. Why must people attach adult sexual stereotypes to children? I love the innocent and fun energy in the mother and son photo.

  9. All your sentiments are echoed by ME. Kerry, yes pure joy & love radiate from the pr. AD, what a glimpse from LHJ!

    The last photograph-his face is so full of wonder.
    I love pink. as all my pink posts attest to-

  10. BruttiBuoni made me remember how much I loved having pink lightbulbs in the house. I stopped using them to be green but they cast such a lovely light on both sexes. Perhaps Keith Ablow needs to look at life and people in this more flattering light.



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