30 May 2011

how they write today


This is what I turned to read last night from a pile of untouched June magazines:

Two stone-faced waiters at the BHH, balancing trays atop their sturdy shoulders, pause mid-stride to oh-so-discretely steal a glimpse of Kate Hudson's ass, Who can blame them really? Tawny and tousled, Hudson, six months pregnant with her second child (the baby daddy is British rocker Matthew Bellamy) looks so trim, so bikini-ready in her no-name silk sundress and 5 inch wedge sandals, that were she to visit some far-flung village devoid of the Internet or Access Hollywood, the townsfolk might simply assume she'd overdone it on spit roast and poi the night before. It's less baby bump that who wants seconds?

from MARIE CLAIRE/JUNE 2011, Lea Goldman

is there anything that redeems this?
did the waiters drop their trays?
did I read more?

caricature by Al Hirschfeld of The Algonquin Round Table



  1. I am with you all the way on this one. There should be more than 2 sentences in this monsterous construction, to say the least! I am out of breath just reading it.

  2. dorothy parker said it! This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. it should be thrown with great force.

  3. Obviously fabricated. Waiters anywhere fashionable are always gay. I believe it's either the 11th or 12th commandment.

  4. Reminds me of what's mostly on the telly now a days...tacky nothingness.
    xo J~

  5. Bruce-you said it.
    Barbara- right on all counts-HOBAC- I immediately thought of that too- and they could not possibly have missed a beat.
    YONKS- terrible,
    PVE- I don't think Ive read worse in a while.
    24- just the worst-I think the print makes it even more so.

  6. "Lord have mercy upon my soul!! What is the world coming to?????"

    that is what my Granny would have said........and now I am a Granny and that is exactly what I say!

  7. Horrible and indefensible writing. Death to the writer AND the editor.

  8. hardly any hope for people who produce this kind of ... hummm...literature! unfortunatelly this style spreads like fire, and we get to read it all over. your blog is pure joy and pleasure both for eyes and soul!

  9. Rosa, thank you for reading! I am resisting the temptation to follow this style.pgt



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