15 May 2011

the just right room


often a really good night's sleep eludes me.
there are reasons-a too good book that can not be put to rest.
a sudden doze &  jolt- a story that wakes me- luring on to one more page-

did I sleep? did I dream? did I lose my page?

sometimes it just doesn't happen.
are there too many books in my room?

that my bedroom could double as a library might not help-
but I would rather lose sleep than books.

my quest for sleep leads me to quests for the perfect bedroom-a perfect place where sleep never eludes.
I don't seek the most chic, or most stylish

I only seek the most alluring-

 scene from The Little Princess

that just right one that eluded the blonde in the fairy story.

oh so charming-
but maybe a too small-
would I still feel a bit over run?

there are books in abundance here too.

bedroom of Stephen Long, London from English Style

this one- 
though not a lover of yellow-
this has me thinking I might love sleeping in a field of yellow daisies. 
I do love the cocooning effect of the canopied curtains.

decoration by Stephen Sills

as I imagine living in one large space one day- 
 something on the order of one of these iconic rooms  that would be just right.

Nancy Lancaster's HaseleyCourt 

the bedroom of  Isabelle D'Ornano, Left Bank Paris

one of these might be just right.

the bedroom of Pauline de Rothschild at Mouton, France



  1. Oh Gaye Nancy Lancaster's room is it for me!! Next to art, books are my life!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  2. Complete SWOON!!!!!!!!! All of them are divine!
    Those books ;I could not sleep with them in the room!

    Those bedrooms......beyond......the one with the needlepoint headboard.....and the tree of life........beyond! And the bird in the cage might keep you awake......

    But I am so so lucky! I actually stood in Nancy Lancaster's coral-colored room in England. I was on a Sotheby's decorating tour and the lovely woman who lives there......(and let Nancy live in the guest cottage for many years.)......let us come have lunch and tour the house (the gardens she opens)....I walked into that bedroom and thought I was going to faint! It honestly knocked the breath out of me!

    What a wonderful post! As always! Thank you!


  3. Your bedroom looks like a perfect place to read...and never stop! And this post is so ironic for me at the moment because I'm reading "The Sisters" for the first time and I've been staying up way to late with it! Like you, I can just read and read in bed...Mr. 24 reads one page and he's out like a light, I don't know how he ever actually finishes a book, but somehow he does.
    All of these bedrooms are so full of character, you can tell that the owners cherish their special cocoons. Love the charming small one and the image after it...and did you see the bird in the cage on the nightstand in the 'yellow daisy' room? Has me thinking!
    Sweet dreams Gaye...
    xo J~

  4. I've always wanted a bedroom with enough space to have a sitting area, or at least a chair for putting on my shoes! The spaces you show here are truly living rooms with beds, and for those with the space to have them, I think that's great!

  5. Delightful post. My personal taste runs toward Pauline de Rothschild's, BUT, that wild one with the upper balcony and the vulgar chandelier cries out to some hidden part of me.

    My headboard is upholstered in Fortuny. totally impractical, lovely to look at. I worry someday that the stacks of books beside the bed will fall and injure me.

  6. What a feast for the eye! Thank you for this inspiring post. I have been thinking for awhile of re-doing my own bedroom. It is tiny, definitely on an intimate rather than grand scale. Stephen Long’s bedroom is a marvelous little jewel box! My bedroom is also stuffed with books, including some of the authors you show (Beaton, Sitwell, Mitford, Nichols, as well as Sackville-West, Wharton, Murdoch and Gorey.) The illustrated book covers on Leslie and Sitwell put me in mind of Rex Whistler—are they his?

    Have you read Tryst by Elswyth Thane? It is a treat for people who love books and houses, and gracious, old-fashioned novels (it was written in 1939.) Some of my favorites in that category also include the works of Rumer Godden and Margaret Kennedy. I will make the acquaintance of Doris Leslie with pleasure!

  7. Oh gosh. Your bedroom is way my favorite. That bed...

  8. I am afraid- books and stacks are anywhere in my future be it a shack or castle. One large space is what I crave- at the end of the day. I would be lost without those friends. thank you for the comments-have been off ON keeping Up of late. pgt



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