13 May 2011

lavender. grey & cometes : Karl's Chanel


Kristen McMenamy looking like a Bourbon from a Nattier portrait

Sophie de France

Madame Victoire of France 
painted by Adélaïde Labille-Guiard

Why there will always be Chanel-at this point, one must admit it is the vision of Karl Lagerfeld. He is a magician pulling beautiful rabbits out of  a Chanel boater. His Resort collection was staged at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc in Antibes on the French Riviera  this week.

I love the stars -part of  Chanel haute joallerie pieces- diamonds brooches pinned on vests, & featured as motifs in fabrics-

"Do not you believe, madam, said I, 
that the clearness of this Night exceeds the Glory of the brightest day?
I confess, said she, the Day must yield to such a Night. "

Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle, from Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds

 "I wanted to cover women with constellations! 
With stars! 
Stars of all sizes!"

"I confess, said she, the Day must yield to such a Night.
 I love the Stars, and could be heartily angry with the Sun for taking them from my sight."

Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle, from Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds


Chanel Fine Jewelry here
Chanel.com here
Vogue.com here
Comet images here



  1. "Are the stars out tonight? I can't see if it's cloudy or bright, for I only have eyes for you dear."

    (Written by Warren & Dubin in 1934 and sung by Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler in the film Dames.)

  2. Your blog is beyond brilliant. It soars. You understand things most people do not about the designers and their medium.


    Keep it up!

    I love love love your blog posts....


  3. A wonderful Diva post, Stars and diamonds!

  4. if anyone else used stars as a recurring motif like this it would look kitsch or unoriginal. But not here. Is KM's hair grey? Looks amazing. Gives me hope for my old(er) age. xo

  5. What a beautiful post !!! I really like how you´ve put it all together.

  6. This is a sumptuous collection, especially the evening dresses. My lucky friend who works for Chanel was in Antibes... Love that part of France where I summered during all my chilhood years.

  7. While I think that Lagerfeld's resort collection looks like a rehash from the 1980s...and yes, I would know because I was buying Chanel clothes throughout the 1980s, the jewelry is classic and timeless. The star motif, which was common in the 19th Century and earlier, doesn't look dated.

    Beladora.com has a nice pair of diamond star earrings by Chanel in yellow instead of white gold, which I think are easier to wear for everyday. The white gold Chanel cometes jewelry is great for night, but it just seems a little formal, at least to me, for everyday wear.

  8. Love the clothing...especially the yellow and lavender classic suits, they looked very Chanel...not sure about the sandal-boots though, at least not with those outfits...maybe some cut off shorts. ;)
    The star were used brilliantly and have a very Tiffany's feel about them don't you think?
    Wonderfully thought out and beautiful post...as usual!
    Have a lovely, star filled weekend!
    xo J~

  9. Gray, lavender and stars...with all this beauty, I'll be avoiding a peek into my own closet this weekend! The dress in the portrait of Sophie de France reminds me of Princess Diana's wedding dress.

  10. What a fabulous collection in a spectacular venue!! The details are amazing - the cut and understated tailoring on the jacket of that ivory suit is simply sublime!

  11. Knew I would be in good company on this one. No, the stars in KL's heaven are tres chic! Of course I love the lav and the gray-hair that is. thanks for your comments-have been very under the weather and lax in keeping up with responses. thanks for doing a better job than I am. Gaye



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