01 May 2011

one last look

the bride got it right- tradition along with a sleeve.
reminiscent of the gowns of the 1950's- the dress maketh not  the bride.
a traditional dress does not make for a traditional wife.

simplicity can be stunning.
less than  - makes it more than.
as much can be said of a bouquet- the yard by yard sort should be an anathema.
size is not everything-in everything.

& a sleeve.

  details count.

guests-though never meant to out shine the bride-must do their part to make things beautiful.

at l. Cecil Beaton & Francis Doble (Lady Lindsey Hogg)  at the wedding of Lord Herbert Equerry & Lady Mary Hope Circa 1936
at r. Norman Parkinson Wedding outfits b Victor Stiebel from the top of a taxi in Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London, 1938.

at l. Princess Michael of Kent ,at r. Sophie Winkelman, Lady Frederick Windsor,

  Lady Helen Taylor & Timothy Taylor

at l. Charlene Whitstock, at r. Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

the flowers-inspired by nature,
trees do nicely.
scale is everything.

Constance Spry & Cecil Beaton

Westminster Abbey held twenty foot trees reaching toward the vault of the Abbey

One can only Hope a return to elegance & tradition-at least during the wedding, is trending.



  1. what a lovely post! enchanted thankyou ..

  2. So lovely. They are both full with poise and grace.

  3. Gaye thank you for sharing, I adored the entire wedding.

    Everything was perfect... this wedding has made me believe in true love again.

    Art by Karena

  4. The most simple , elegant and beautiful dress for a wedding I have ever seen!

    She wore the dress. The dress did not wear her.

    Exquisite. gorgeous.....and wonderful. She is quite a woman.


  5. Texture & tone in the screen captures lent great support to the "argument."

  6. Don't you think that the greater part of elegance is simplicity?

  7. What a lovely weave and 'last look!' ; )

  8. What a lovely and enjoyable post. Thank you. Curtis Roberts

  9. Actually I noticed they said 'Man and wife', which is being picky but it urked all the same...

  10. Thank you for finding some elegantly dressed women attending the Royal wedding. Every photo I've seen until now showed the most garashly dressed women I've ever seen. I thought the taste was shockingly bad, the shoes appallingly, the hats ridiculous - the men managed to look lovely. The main exception (apart from your selection) was of course the bride's family. They were flawless.

  11. I thought the same thing Gaye...that maybe now elegance and tradition would become popular again...and then once their popularity waned, they would just become normal.
    The wedding...all of it, couldn't have been more perfect. I am so grateful that they put such care and thought into every detail...I wish them every happiness!
    xo J~

    btw- loved all the greenery placed in the abbey, it added even more enchantment to the fairytale.



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