28 May 2011

when straw calls VI


sitting straw


  1. I instinctively thought....."Gloria Guiness" ......took me a while to find evidence. Fabulous photo....that really captured her.
    What a beautiful woman!

    thank you......love the hats. My dermatologist does not allow me to go anywhere without a hat......now no one recognizes me without a hat!

    Everybody listen! My divine husband was diagnosed (very early, thank God) with Melanoma in november (he sees a dermatologist every 4 months) He is 72. Two weeks before; I went to the funeral of one of our closest friends who died of melanoma at 69.
    Stay out of the sun; keep those hats on!

    Great posts!!!

    Chic and health-conscious!!!

  2. I was trying on straw hats just yesterday! These wonderful posts have now given me the kick and gumption needed to actually purchase one (or two)!
    Have a lovely weekend Gaye...
    xo J~

  3. gorgeous connection.
    wore my straw hat yesterday gardening...it was a hot one!

  4. I agree with Penelope -'chic and health-conscious'... [the new parasol]. I think I need to do a painting of that wonderful Gloria Guinness photo!

  5. they look great and they are life savers! My mother and I both wear them outside. I do love both of these images.both proving simple is pretty chic!



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