16 June 2011

so sorry, Schumacher

I' m working on a Sun Room right now-and after it is complete-complete, I will share some Before, and After photographs. The room is to serve as the lady's private getaway-a place to read, correspond, relax and act as a second living room.  The new room is off the foyer and the Living Room-it's long and narrow- with  four openings to those rooms mentioned.

The "After", happily after, is harder in coming than expected. I've selected all the fabrics for recovering- the trims along with new the tables, chairs.

Most everything is in the works, except- Schumacher has dropped the sofa fabric. This is the dreaded piercing stab of any designer, especially when the project is already moving along. To my mind-Schumacher is discontinuing one of their most attractive-distinctive fabrics. I placed the order-which I often do on their website-a great way to do business after 5. After waiting to see if they would consider my order-as a backorder-running the pattern when a certain amount of yardage was ordered, or running it for my order and having stock available to other designers- it was a No. What?

The fabric is still on their website-Did anybody tell them the thing has been dropped!

Here is the fabric- SAREE STRIPE IN JAVA Pattern 62662. It has a wide patterned stripe running through it and my plan was to center it on the cushions and turn it to make a wide border all along the skirt. Wouldn't that be beautiful?  The central stripe reminds me of the palluv portion of a sari. It is usually at the end of the long yards and yards of length of the sari-some think- most elegant part of a sari. The palluv usually has the most intricate design-runs across the width of the fabric- and is very wide. After the sari is wrapped around the body the palluv is the portion that will show and go across the shoulder.

I have a viable replacement. Sometimes-those work even better- but such a distinctive pattern like SAREE STRIPE is not easy to replace.Both client and I are satisfied- so we will proceed-but...
It is very disappointing this time.
Here- the other fabrics selected for the room.

On my last post I featured some Pierre Frey fabrics and this is another of theirs called PARADE OTTOMANE in MICA. I love it!  It is a large scale cotton and has all the details expected from Pierre Frey. Authentic is another word for the fabrics of Pierre Frey. PARADE OTTOMANE will go on a pair of  French settees in the room.

Of course-the room will be beautiful when it is complete- I'm only sorry( and I'm sorry for that woeful paronomasia-pun)- Saree Stripe will not be a part of it.


  1. The road to perfection is a step at a time with the Third Eye open to what IS meant to be.

  2. What a super post and I adore the new heading. I was in Istanbul a year ago and loved the Ottoman "style." They have some beautiful examples of Ottoman robes in the palace--all very well preserved, including one from Mehmet the Conqueror. I especially enjoyed the antique stores with the old prints of the seraglio and the crumbling walls of Theodisias.

    I think, after your post, I am going to consider including more Ottoman instead of Chinoiserie--which I dearly love.

  3. The Swan, true- I love that! I will have to remember it and attribute it to you. Gaye

  4. Mrs. Olsen- glad you like this one, The photograph is of Anna Pavlova, isn't it wonderful? Could Not resist the change! You really couldn't go wrong with either reference. This one is a tremendous example of some that are out there- less so with the Ottomane theme but they are in the mix on the textile scene. I would love to visit Istanbul-my niece was there over a year ago and says I would love it & I've no doubt of that. pgt

  5. "Discontinued, No Stock Available", words that strike dread in the hearts of designers everywhere. Pray tell, what is the substitute?

  6. Istanbul-The Blue Mosque, Dohlmabace Palace, Topkapi and lunch in the courtyard of the Four Seasons hotel which was the prison in the old shadow of the Hagia Sophia...all wonderful memories I have. You will transport your clients in this room ala Scherezade thru the eyes of the Ballet Russes.

  7. Sorry about the sari. I love the Pierre Deux one, and think that I've seen it in a sample book as wallpaper. I can't wait to see the before and afters.

  8. I love the ottoman fabric--I'm going to think about a place for it. Can't wait to see photos of the finished room.

  9. what I love is PF's "Paul et Virginie" toile and the china, "Gonesse"

    so guy


  10. I love the sphinx! I love your new symbol....so funny.....a new post of mine is about sphinxes........I worship them......! (not quite finished; soon to arrive!)

    I have two Madame DuBarry ones on my entry, (outside the front door)I have researched....and in the middle of my sphinx reverie; wow!! "Little Augury" changes her ("symbol"? " trademark"??) to a big sphinx......instead of the "pair"??? Lordy!! You are the best!
    They fascinate me.....and I will be doing that post.......I might do "pools" first.....

    there is an explosion of hideous and ordinary pools.......rampant across the US>do you think I can help?

    I'll try!

    Now your blog symbol is even "chicer' ( I would have found the thought of it impossible)

    But here we are! I have always loved "Sphinx!" IN all incarnations!

    Your new trademark (orwhateveritis) Is so chic!

    I am doing a blog someday.....about garden ones........I LOVE THEM!!

    and I have a pair who come with a great story!

    that's the secret! the great story!

    so my next blog will be about them...and not because of this blog.....
    (oh maybe so......we are cousins......) that must be IT!!


    Lordy! I just have to muddle through somehow.
    It will be early in the week!!

    Madame DuBarry; Marie Antoinette; and Madame de Pompadour as Spinx!!! (I think there is no plural..except Sphinx) I tried to add some s

    and my mother in heaven (I think) just stopped me........"no......no plural"

    Just flew in! She is always right.

    I love every single thing on this post.......I may never leave my computer!


  11. OH I forgot to say.......I adore all of your fabrics you picked for this room....this will be a great room for 50 years.......I mean that.......these are the ones that "last"!

    Lucky people.....and really lucky for all involved that they "got " your concept......"got" the idea.....and let you run with it!!!

    that is who gets our best work!!!

  12. FF, too true! I am using a Threads fabric called Grace & it is very different altogether than the Saree.

    Townhouse- I do love the PF print- especially the color palette.

    Jones- it would be great on small french chairs where you want impact. I love the large scale like this on smaller pieces.

  13. Laurent, your knowledge knows no bonds- Gonesse is a fabric I used for shop I did design work for and I ended up painting some french chairs with canvas to mimic some of the singular figures in the fabric. I love that sketched briskly style-and I am a good mimic with gestural painting-that's about it alas.

  14. The Swan- It will be an unusual mix-adding a sort of old Chinese table for in front of the sofa- and to either side will be the french sofas. some traditional pieces- and I have found a large pair of old rice baskets to hang over the end tables from the ceiling- suspended over the lamps.

  15. Penelope- I look forward to your story! The house was built in the 1930's and the clients have lived with some of the "nuances" of the age - I prefer an old house personally -so I can appreciate it. It is great when they say Yes. pgt



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