26 June 2011

when straw calls: O'Toole


 Peter O'Toole in The Last Emperor

 I watched Peter O'Toole in a movie called Coming Home-an adaptation of Rosamunde Plicher novel encompassing the period just before the second World War-its devastation and aftermath. O'Toole always has the power to mezmerize in any scene.
His eyes. It's his eyes-that speak whatever a script might ask of an actor. He is has that thing many actors lack- the ability to make Magic. The movie, from 1998, is quite good, with Joanna Lumley beautifully portraying  O'Toole's wife and Kiera Knightley being introduced to movie audiences for the first time.
Watch it, but watch it for O'Toole.

the movie is available for instant viewing on Netflix here.



  1. Gaye I have a great admiration for O'Toole will definitely see this. I have read all of Plicher's novels.She really draws you into her characters and the country of Scotland.

    Art by Karena

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  2. Love him, it's his soulful way and his speech.... I always had a crash!
    Thanks for the movie recommendation.
    Thank you for putting it so wonderfully!!

  3. Peter O'Toole is a wonderful actor. He looks perfect in his straw hat and summer suit.

    What a shame that gentlemen, for the most part, abandoned the summer suit - the seersucker, the white and tan suits - in favor of dark, wintery looking suits in the deadly heat of summer. Even here in the Deep South.

    Thank you, Gaye, for recommending "Coming Home." Joanna Lumley is a terrific actress. She's the ticket off screen as well for her support of 'Pipedown: the campaign for freedom from piped music.'

    Joanna Lumley, along with Stephen Fry, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Master of the Queen’s Music, and others in the arts oppose the scourge of piped music that has become ubiquitous. See ~

    Pipedown - campaigning against noise pollution


  4. Peter Lorcan Seamus 'Toole - so compelling that I've written of him twice, as well you know, cher Gaye

    Late period O'Toole contains a spectrum of quality, but I'll certainly investigate this recommendation

    All best,


  5. He does have magnificent eyes and Joanna Lumley is one of my favorite actresses. I'm going to Netflix this film.

  6. who knew he had all those names!
    and Thank God he never had plastic surgery! Look at those wonderful and character wrinkles........oh dear God.....what a total "Babe"!!

    Character in his face!! Handsome beyond!



  7. And of course, he was the most beautiful man in the world in "Lawrence of Arabia".

  8. I agree Gaye hes fabulous Ive seen him on the Lonodn satge a few times which was wonderful too and once saw him and his BLUE eyes in Hampstead where he was living

    one of a kind i think
    have a great week fay xxx

  9. I have always loved Peter O'Toole--immediate intimacy on screen. I think that Laurence of Arabia was my first "adult" movie. Yes, it was definitely his eyes. What about "A Lion in Winter"?--another fantastic film. As always, love your posts. Mary

  10. I adore Peter O'Toole!! From How to Steal a Million to Lawrence of Arabia, he is a man of many talents - always looking dashing through it all!!

  11. He is just so wonderful, isn't he? And, a great addition to when straw calls. LOVE him. ; )



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