06 July 2011

Bachelorette Decorator

with-altering seasons of Bachelor Decorator
followed up by the Bachelor Pad- the Decorator Version.

She has it all. 
The best clients, 
The best- best- best! 
but, she hadn't found the love of her LIFE- that could give her- 
or in lieu of that detail,

the House of her DREAMS!

it only seems fair with the onslaught of every imaginable reality series possible. 
what do ya think? 
rather than propose a current design maven-scandalous -always looking for love-whether it be falling for a bejeweled bolster, silk satin bedding or a rather disinterested colleague- & bemoaning- If only he wasn't...?- I give you Elsie de Wolfe, as familiar as any in playing the game of LOVE.

Scenes from the most shocking episodes yet!

group dates

hot tub hijinks

"I wonder if I could make something of that wardrobe? 
It will take a lot more than a good coat of white paint."

 before the rose ceremony

"say your good-byes"

I've been wanting some "one on one" time with you.

"one of you will be going home tonight"

foregoing your individual rooms for the fantasy suite

Sorry, "I'm just not that into you."

the contestants tell all

 getting ready for the Final Rose

reviewing plans for the HOUSE

the Final Rose

 ...after the Final Rose

ELSIE breaks her silence
picking up the pieces- why It could never ever work out!



  1. so glad, I made my day too. it is funny and just absurd enough for some Thing out there to do!

  2. Can I just say....LOVE THAT SCHIAPARELLI with Apollo and the horses!

    What channel is this new reality show playing - WPGT @LA?

  3. From what I have read, her theme song could have been "What's Love Got To Do With It?". Romance did not seem to be in her agenda.
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  4. The Swan, I can only think it will be picked up everywhere! but yes, WPGT@ LA will be hosting the premiere. When love passes a girl by she always has Schiap!

    Pamela, yes- it seems so.

  5. John, Per-Fect! No, Elsie was the practical sort-it was all about the HOUSE!

  6. Fabulous. One of the best posts ever.

    Suzanne from Sydney

  7. Gaye where on earth do you find these ! its hysterical i cant stop laughing have a great weekend fay x

  8. that's hilarious!

  9. Oh, this is all too marvelous! Thanks for the fun

  10. Laurent, I am weary of the reality shows, though I have long thought they are study for a Psych I class.

    Suzanne- what a great compliment. I can only think we have to keep our sense of humor in the face of the ridiculous!

  11. Faye, gratified to know you are laughing it up in Florence! Elsie de Wolfe is a woman that keeps on giving to this blog. I can only thank her for being the character that she was.

    Down East- keeping a sense of humor! I try. I knew you would appreciate this effort.

    Townhouse, ha ha! yes I have to say it is really funny.

  12. Hysterical!! I was laughing out loud!!



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