24 July 2011

peas n ipod


Pease porridge hot,
Pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot

“In the morning went to my office where afterwards the old man brought me my letters from the carrier. 
At noon I went home and dined with my wife on pease porridge and nothing else.”

‘Take about two Quarts of peas and boyl them down till they are thick; then put to them a leeke and a little slice of bacon and a little bunch of sweet herbs and let them boyl till they are broke. Then work them with ye back of a ladle thro a coarse hair sieve; then take about 3 pints of your peas and mix about 3 quarts of a very strong broth and work them very well together. Then sett them over a Stove and let them boyl very easily. Then as for your herbs, take out the quantity of a gallon of soope; take a large handful of spinage and one third of sorrill and one cabbage, Lettice and a little Charvell and Cresses and a head or two of sallery and Indive, and ye heart of a Savoy and a little mint, but mince your mint very small if it be green, but if it be dry, then drie it before ye fire to powder and sift it through a sieve, and mince ye herbs with one leeke very small and put them into a brass dish or saspan with half a pound of butter and let ym stive till they begin to be tender. Then put to them a quart of good gravy or strong broth but gravy is best, and when you have mix’t it well then putt it into ye pott to ye pease and a little beaten cloves and mace. So let it stove about half an hour, then have a french roll, either dry’d in the oven or toasted by ye fire, in thin slices, then season ye soope to your palate and serve it up. If you please you may put forced meat balls into it, or any other thing as pallattes and sweetbreads or Combs.

planet green

more pease porridge?



  1. After Cy, then Lucien,
    and then today, troubled but talented,
    And, So Very Young...... Amy.

    This cleanses the palette.

  2. I would make this soope and gladly share a bowl with you wearing something green! Promise to have a crockery bowl with some sort of sweet spoon to serve it up!
    pretty green and lovely little posting...

  3. I am amazed at how good that soope sounds! Mrs. Blencoew used more butter than I do, but otherwise, I'd say it's a go.

  4. Love the quote from Pepy's diary.

    A few days ago, Susan said, "Bruce, can you please do something with those peas in the freezer? They are taking up too much room."

    And I did. Farfalle with peas, tomatoes, and goat cheese.

  5. Sounds good and salty and of many hours in the kitchen.....
    What nice old recipe!

    Happy Sunday from down South!
    Thanks for your sweet comment! Off today for another visit to my beloved Savannah! I might retire here in winters to come!

    xoxo Victoria

  6. Something I very much admire - a synthesis of preservation, adaptation, imagination, play, and desire. This is way, way beyond what it seems to be; and if, by irresistible internal logic, the infernal i-Pod should gain a reprieve from its rightful banishment, one can only be glad to find it making a belated contribution to a gainful communication. :)

  7. It's always so facianting to see the written word from long ago and this was such an enjoyable read...but I must say I could forget the peas and everything else if I was just able to wear that first dress once!

  8. Great examples
    The clothing is stunning!
    Love your blog
    Jamie Herzlinger



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