16 July 2011

Virginia's language


portrait of Virginia Woolf by Vanessa Bell



  1. How do we "combine the old words in a new order" as Virginia Woolf said in this amazing recording, isn't that what we are all after when we write? And didn't she do it so brilliantly and with such originality? Thank you for this! What a treat. I had never heard her voice and she is my favorite writer. Her friends and relatives wrote about Virginia's uncanny ability to tell a story in a spellbinding way, and now I can understand after listening to her voice.

  2. I just heard this recording recently, and I am listening to it again now. Her voice is like music...and the repetition of "words", and ideas of a new language...
    It is all so entrancing and hypnotic.
    Love the Vanessa Bell portait of VW.
    Love all your posts.
    Thanks again for this recording. Made my day.

  3. Gaye, simply wonderful. I loved hearing the lilt of her voice and her thoughts. Virginia's books are favorites of course.


    Art by Karena

  4. So very, very English! What a joy to hear her voice...not at all what I'd imagined, I thought she would sound a bit softer for some reason, but now...it fits perfectly. I must listen again, I was too enraptured in just hearing her voice to pay close enough attention to what she was actually saying! Quite a find Gaye...
    xo J~



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