27 August 2011

when straw calls: Kate the Great

Kate the great- we love her here-and she loved straw-







  1. Great photos of Katherine. What a great tribute to summer, those images of her in straw hats evoke the essence of summer. Have a good weekend!

  2. wonderful pictures! My personal favorite is the one with her with the picnic basket arriving at Jerome Zerbe's divine "pavillon" He built in the Connecticut countryside! He opened the door....and there she was!
    Cecil Beaton , or someone like that, just happened to be there to take the picture!

    No one could make that up!


    ps I saw her "country house" in a place in Connecticut called " Fenwick"!
    I saw it at my husband's 50th reunion at Choate! (always go to husband's reunions......great treasures abound!!) His classmate had a house in Fenwick! And had a lobster bake!!!

    "Fenwick" is an island. Brilliantly planned. A small island in Old Lyme, Connecticut. It is kind of round. The houses on it....are all on the water....and in the middle of the island.....(all houses back up to the middle) there is a golf course.....I have no idea how many holes. I am way too young to play golf! (just kidding)

    It is an astonishing place. totally breathtaking.
    Unfortunately; the low-key ambience of the whole place has been compromised by the buyer of Ms. Hepburn's house. It has the first McMansion in its history. So sad. It is totally gross (just my opinion)

    and must be scary for the other lovely and low-key residents.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I feel I am in the "stratosphere"!!

  4. A beautiful portrait of a lady. I love all of these pictures but the one with the orange impatiens and her orange sox is stunning.
    She was so feminine yet strong and wilful.Thank you

  5. I still miss her--amazing lady. Mary

  6. Loved the post....reminds me of happy memories of summers past. My aunt and grandmother had a collection of straw hats for dining in the garden above a cove in Mendocino-a hat for everyone, along with tall rubber boots to wear when traipsing with the dogs in the tall grass on the bluff. When I see straw hats I hear Benny Goodman and "Japanese Sandman" on our old record player we would set up on the patio.
    Coincidentally, my father related a story when we went to see the Picasso exhibit recently that in 1960 he was driving down the street in Berkeley and saw my mother walking by with a straw purse. He said that he thought to himself, "That is a cute girl!"



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