28 September 2011

Lucy Ferry by Robert Mapplethorpe


I have always loved this photograph of Lucy Ferry by Robert Mapplethorpe. Now there is an upcoming show organized by art dealer Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris with works selected by one of Mapplethorpe's subjects  Sofia Coppola. 

 photographed in 1986

All the references are here. Mapplethorpe's eye for Beauty, his love of celebrity and a nod to past iconic images like Nancy Cunard photographed by Beaton, Man Ray amongst others with her stacks of bracelets embracing her wrists and arms.

Mapplethorpe with his Lucy Ferry 

Cunard in contemplation, with bracelets.

ROPAC here

the Mapplethorpe foundation here


  1. Very interesting; I am not sure that the younger generation today realizes the wide range of influences from Cecil Beaton.
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  2. John, yes true and that is why it is important to keep those references fresh & out front. thanks for doing the same! pgt

  3. That is a beautiful image and one I have not seen before it also reminds me of Lartigues work, whom we know through his personal diary had a thing about ladies hands:
    I keep seeing reconstructions of Nancy and her bracelets everywhere at the moment and the other day I was looking at some vintage adverts from Forstmann from the late forties early fifties and was struck at how Edwardian they were, fashion really does go round and round with references to the past everywhere, long may it continue.

  4. Well, I'm just not sure about the quality of the Lucy Ferry image. It's very hard to stack up well against its model, which is unforgettable. Curtis

  5. Once again, you've inspired my hunt for more information on both Mapplethorpe and Beaton and their connections. Great post. Mary

  6. Dash, I love this entry you have. The references to repeat, alas the bad and the good.

    Curtis, Nancy Cunard was in a league unto herself no doubt.

    MJH- Mapplethorpe and Beaton may not have been to much aligned, but both great and creating their own signatures. I don't think any artist working continually is immune to repeating the ideas of those who have come before them.



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