04 September 2011

a ring, a Prince & birds that flock together


a ring inscribed“We are now ours 27 x 36″
27 october 1936
Cartier platinum  19.77 carat rectangular emerald

on their 20th wedding anniversary Cartier remounted the ring in a gold and platinum design, 
Wallis kept the original mounting.

honeymoon Venice

 Prince of Wales Brooch given to Wallis by the King in 1935

 I was especially thrilled to buy the Prince of Wales plume pin at the 1987 auction of the jewelry of the Duchess of Windsor. Richard and I had once admired it, so much so that he asked the duchess if he could copy it for me. She very graciously agreed, but we both felt weird about it, so we didn’t. And then when it finally came up for auction, I really felt I wanted to have it in my collection—because I admired her great style so much, because Richard had wanted me to have the brooch, and, frankly, because the money from the sale went to support AIDS research. I bid from my house in L.A., and when they told me I had won it, I thought, Yes, this was really meant to be in my care, at least for a while.- Elizabeth Taylor

Cartier's flamingo brooch, made in May 1940 for Wallis

mated for life



  1. Wonderful series. Very classic treasures.

  2. After a World Tour exhibition starting this month with a portion (?) of ticket sales benefitting her AIDS foundation, the Elizabeth Taylor auctions will be held in December at Christies.
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  3. Heaven knows, auctions for good causes deserve their fair share of their fallout, but they also only go toward glamourising a catastrophe, and the spectacle they made of it.

  4. rizalenio-thanks, agreed.

    John- good to note.

    Carter- some of that glamorising is what I do here-conceded, however they like many couples did what they did very well and glamour was their business in a sense. I am reading Hugo Vickers latest book on the pair-I will report on how it all comes out. pgt

  5. Hi there!

    Yet again you have nailed IT!

    Elegance!! Increasingly rare!
    The good news! Increasing appreciated among the blogosphere!

    I really believe that!
    I also believe that regardless of the state of the world.....elegance will persist.....underground; overground....in secret and on the rooftops!
    Elegance will always prevail......among human beings!!

    (I have no idea what will happen if Martians land..all bets are off!)

    those elegant flamingoes........(they are alive; not the plastic ones on front lawns) DO mate for life!

    There is hope and beauty in the world.........We just have to keep it infront!!

  6. No, it's impossible to implicate this page in the conduct of this bizarre binomial, from beggary to blackmail of the Crown to Bahamian obloguy, and this was certainly not the intent and, I had hoped, not the clear thrust of one's comment. By all means, it's historiography's job to exhibit them from time to time. That said, it's plainly unarguable that auctions gigantically promote the buyer, based on the provenance of his overpayment; all of "W," to say nothing of the Board of the New York Public Library, will have a new idiot to court; and, as in the reasoning of the buyer of David Rockefeller's Rothko, what's a negligible surcharge, compared with recession-proof bliss?

    I wouldn't offer any concession, PGT, much less to a query not extended. If one can't come here, to get the latest on the worst we can do, one will certainly go somewhere else. Better to do it where one can learn a thing or two, wouldn't you suppose?



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