30 October 2011

be afraid, be very afraid.

"Live by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy."  Kurt Vonnegut

Yes, it's almost Hallows Eve, but that is a celebration, more to fear is election day and the coming aenslag of political promises. Is it just me-or are we actually living in San Lorenzo, Cat's Cradle? I remember reading the Vonnegut book long long before anything like the reality TV invasion. It must have made an impression at the time, one I did not expect or comprehend.  Vonnegut's cradle always creeps into my psyche during the political season. The spin of lead feet and tin wings- or 999, the WE DELIVER -coming slogan-I mean how can they possibly resist? Does 999 sound like a Large Pizza with nothing on it- (It could be a better deal-but you are desperate so you take it) and when the doorbell rings you find a crust of bread left behind?

& then there is this-

Yes, run amok tomorrow evening  goblins and ghosties- and tread lightly for the next year- someone will be stepping on cracks, backs will break and old superstitions will sound like eminent threats.

"Round and Round and round we spin with feet made of lead and wings made of tin." Kurt Vonnegut 

photographs by Erwin Blumfeld, self portraits.



  1. There's nothing more frightening than stupidity. I've thought so since a very young child.

  2. You have hit on the reason for the resurgence of Halloween. Real life now contains so many horrors that we welcome the escape into their cartoon version.--Road to Parnassus

  3. Run Run!!! Happy Halloween! Agree with Scott!

  4. yes, we should all be very afraid!!!
    Worst reality tv show ever?
    the 24 hour news tv shows.
    well, its not news, but opinion shows i should say.

  5. Another vote for Waterman. And of course the grit of LA.



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