22 October 2011

kaftan love reprise


Man Ray

from the Met Costume Institute a panel from  mid 16th century Istanbul Kaftan

Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison at the boutique Themis

the most beloved post of all of the little augury readers, perusers, part time lovers-Is Kaftan Love here
So in the spirit of- you like me-you really like me, here is a collection of kaftans gathered for your bliss.

 Lee Bouvier , Princess Radziwill in her London decorated Mongiardino Drawing Room

 Leigh Taylor Young, Mrs. Ryan O'Neill

a gorgeous Catherine Deneuve in cream velvet, Vogue November 1966

NEW, Dior Resort 2012

Sharon Tate in a blue paisley kaftan, above and highly embellished black and gold below

& from the pages of VOGUE 1966 that unfortunately has gone poof! & can not be found. one of the tribulations of too much paper (I can't believe I'd even think such a thing!)

YSL in Marrakech ,above and below, by Horst 1986.

arresting color and style, from the book Gypset Style

starlet of the moment Lois Chiles in Vogue May 1973. Chiles played Jordan in The Great Gatsby released in 1974.

Matthew Williamson, from net a porter

more Chiles, in perfectly plain kaftan- Perfect.

Princess Diane von Furstenberg

Ralph Rucci, Spring 2012

Donna Allegra Carracciolo di Castegnato

Gloria Guinness above, photographed by Beaton

Roberto Cavalli, net a porter

see all my Kaftan posts here
Annamaria Sbisà at Vogue Italy talks Caftan & don't miss their photographs of the same here


  1. While caftans, for me, can be hit or miss, it seems that Mongiardino never failed.
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  2. You have convinced me. I want the zebra one. Thanks. Mary

  3. Happy Birthday, PGT, and many many many happy returns! You give us all such a wonderful gift every time you write on your blog -- I hope you have a lovely day of receiving gifts and accolades (and perhaps lounging about in a caftan!)

  4. You captured your subject really, really beautifully here. I've never seen anything like it. Personally, I've always been a djellaba man (I like the hood), but I'm not as gorgeous as your subjects. Curtis

  5. Mary, Go for it!

    Townhouse- thank YOU! Nice words, and I do wear them often-mine for the most part are not nearly so glamorous

    Curtis- thanks!

    Barbara- yes, My hair look a lot like Man Ray's model in NYC on Weds. pgt

  6. I have always loved kaftans!!!! You picked such fabulous examples from various time periods, a testament to the longevity of this most comfortable garment.



  7. This post made my heart beat faster. I really must try to live my life in caftans. Some of these photos bring back so many memories. One of the old Vogue spreads from the 60's that stays in the back of mind was of Penelope Tree photographed on the moors. She might have been wearing Mainbocher. Not sure...it's been about forty some years since I saw it but I'm always searching for it...to see again...to see what it was that thrilled my 12 year old (maybe 12) self. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you have it. Anyhow - it was Jean Shrimpton that sparked that memory!

  8. Loved the post. There needs to be a new work for what it is like to wear a Kaftan, because only a succession of words accurately convey that languid and luxuriant combination; and despite the fact the body is fully covered in a kaftan, you certainly know the body is there, whether the figure is standing or recumbent...one seems to smolder in a kaftan.

  9. Absolutely love this post. I'm huge kaftan fan, these images are just gorgeous!

  10. Claudia, thank you much for the comment. NOthing is more comfortable and chic! that combination can not go wrong.

    Catherine what a great memory. I have a post ready about the new book Nostalgia in Vogue-it is fantastic, you must get it if you don't already have it! I shall keep my EYES open too. pgt

  11. Kaftan B. thanks, as your moniker attests. pgt

    Philip I would love to write that book! there is a book I need to get from Rizzoli by a designer of caftans-Tamy Tazi: Caftans. So many books so little TIME. pgt

  12. So glad I found another who loves kaftans as much as I do...we are rare birds. :)
    Your blog is a delight...so glad to be following along...

    1. thank you- So many wonderful ones being made today, stay tuned. pgt



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