28 October 2011

travelling & catching Up

last week I was in New York visiting the Museums & this week I have been catching UP, not yet on all the blogs I love to read. I will fill in some details of my trip in some upcoming posts, Soon, very soon.


  1. What museums did you visit? I ask because I am taking an art history class right now that deals with financing and the operating of museums. I have visited so many in the last month that it would be great to get your take on them. Pending for your thoughts.

  2. I love this photo!
    I love museums!
    Have a good evening!

  3. AUG, I went to the Morgan, to FIT. both very differently managed I would say. I could not work out getting to the Met this time round. FIT was very interesting in terms of free admission, no shop, no cafe-no visible money making apparatus.thanks for visiting today.

  4. Dentelline, a wonderful photo-no source I am sorry to say.



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