09 November 2011

mirror, mirror on the wall: LITTLE MUSE

do you have a mirror that you are better in?
you know, a mirror that likes you better?

I do- there is a small one on my bedroom door, it's my favorite.
it never lets me down.
(it is a small one)

photograph by GEORGES DAMBIER 
Marie-Helene Arnaud,Cap d'Antibes, for Elle,10 juin 1957

Mirrors can make a room, in the right spot- with the right reflection- rather than face, here we need a beautiful scene. Make sure the mirror is showing your room off to its best.

French Second Empire Mirror (c. 1865 and 1880) and so named for the "French" elements in vogue during the era of the Second French Empire, sometimes called the Napoleon III style. This style originated in Paris during the late 19th century. (here)

I have a pair of these mirrors, I used them in a Showhouse along with the pair of  French mirrored sconces.

In the Showhouse setting, the mirror & sconce & winged Venus are reflected in the mirror for a double image.

today, I am launching litte MUSE.

It's an extension of my interior design business and my antique shop that was called MUSE. I hope it will become an extension of little augury too and I"ll share the current inspiration of little MUSE  whether mirrors, special pieces from my own collection I am ready to part with. It's another way of that reflects the spirit of little augury.

These were my thoughts about little augury as I began at the end of 2008-

"I also begin with an ending of sorts- a dear friend and sometimes mentor died on December 15th and I made a promise to keep just a bit of his wit and wisdom alive by sharing it whenever possible. Hopefully this Little Augury will do that and more. Surely it will evolve- follow along if you'd like to see just how."

after a year of writing Little Augury I wrote-
Thinking back on the friendship Sandy and I shared- I'm reminded of all the absolutely incredible gifts he gave me over the years. The endless conversations-The books we swapped. The films we critiqued. The coffee. Sandy walked my beloved dog Moses for 8 years almost every morning- rarely missing an outing. We worked together on projects- collaborating, pushing each others ideas to produce the desired results. The last time I saw Sandy he was cleaning out a storage unit full of unfinished projects, paint galore and books. I started looking through the books- Take whatever you want dear-I am pitching it all. Rather than cajoling him-I started the task. Sandy you won't be pitching these. Some of them are mine! We both laughed-not surprised at the "your pile and my pile" I had started. Just take them all- No more painting for me. Of course I protested then, but somehow I had the feeling he was right. I took some of his most cherished books on painting flowers, Chinese art, Chinese embroidery, Besler, Redoute, tapestries and so on. I had hoped he would ask for them at some point- when he was ready to start again. They are treasured. Tucked inside one of the books- an unopened bill, a grocery list-usually consisting of  "cigs, Scotch and milk." Some things one just can't live without.

To say the friendship was priceless is understatement. The most valuable thing was the friendship-but Sandy was a giver & he gave me some beautiful gifts. He gave everyone beautiful gifts. He gave little pieces of his life's collections. He was still collecting things-but he was letting things go. Whether it be for an occasion, a holiday, a birthday-whatever-mostly the presents came in brown paper bags, newspaper wrapped, dust filled- but always beautiful and with a story to match.

Sandy would bring these special gifts over in those brown paper bags, saying- I pulled this or that from under the bed or this just appeared in the storage unit-I'd forgotten all about it. This is much better here than at my house. 
I would ahhhhhh! Thank you- 
You can use it here. Always a place in mind.

 I hope little MUSE will be a way for me to bring something new- or old, and something very special into your home & that it will become a part of your own story. There is a unique friendship we share in these pages & it is hoped that tie will be reflected in the collection I've assembled at the moment. 

There will be pieces from my collections- antiques-pieces from MUSE, my interior design travels and special things I've yet to find. Right now its MIRRORS-with a few bits tossed in!

James Mont Vanity Mirror
Mont mirror with all the stylized detailing of the Orient.
a hand-carved mirror by James Mont. in carved wood with a
rotating round mirror on standing base, faded yellow finish on stylized bamboo columns, 
a pagoda top with a Chinese red finial
at top here

I'll keep you posted.
There will be High & Low. The genuine article & "get the LOOK". I will be adding things often and continuing to update you here.

Little MUSE with 21 special things here


  1. Sounds tempting, Gaye.
    Best of luck with your new endeavor!

  2. Oh, Gaye, you story about your priceless friendship with Sandy reminded me of one of my own with a fatherly friend, who died way to young at the age of 63. Already almost 10years ago. A design and art enthusiast with a history degree and endless knowledge to match.He was a gifted pianist. He also gave away most wonderful gifts from his collections. Books, prints, art objects. He gave them to me, my husband, my children and other friends. You made me cry a bit too. Such people will not be forgotten, for they have a place within us!
    You have been a muse to me, even without your newly started endeavor! Good luck with it, giving is a wonderful thing. May many find inspiration there!
    PS: Just came back from that magical place Savannah, post tomorrow more about it...
    Greetings and friendship!

  3. Thank you for sharing your dearest friend--reminds me of those that I still miss, perhaps they never really leave. Congratulations on the new adventure...can't wait to see what is next. Mary

  4. A very touching story about your friendship with Sandy. One thing that strikes me is that generosity of that sort of special gifts also requires someone who will appreciate the gifts--it seems that you two were completely simpatico.

  5. Oh what a lovely blog! Virginia Holmes, Bombay, India

  6. I think we all would feel blessed to have a 'Sandy' in our lives. What brings us ultimate joy is the most devastating to loose. I'm sure you think of him..well, almost daily. I like the thought of you looking through one of his book and stumbling upon a note or a list. It's a way of connecting even though he's gone. I'm excited about Little Muse, a brilliant extension of you and of your talents. I know you'll have unique treasures for us to swoon over.

    Congrat's Patricia!

  7. I hope you are shedding things to make room for more and not as a settling of accounts of some sort similar to the rememberance. I was just thinking the other day that if I had to go away for an extended period of time, how much I would miss your blog. Your blog is like one of your friend's gifts -- thank you for continuing his tradition.

  8. So much to comment on here Gaye!! Firstly - of course I have a favorite mirror - at home and everywhere I shop!! And as for decor - I think I have a mirror in almost every room - I love everything about them - obviously their reflective quality but the quality of the glass, the variety of frames and level of distress. As for Sandy - how lucky you both were to have each other. His shopping list alone makes him a likable fellow! And so excited for little Muse!! How marvelous - hopping over to take a look!

  9. thanks for the good wishes, I appreciate them all. Some of the things in the collection will be permanent, Some will disappear after a bit and then there will be a new collection of-Lamps, I think next, or paper and prints, or books, or holiday. Hope you enjoy. pgt

  10. I missed this post back in Nov. I loved reading the story about you and Sandy. What a special friendship. The Muse has beautiful lovelies. I do wish you the best!

  11. thanks Emily, More Muse to come in the Spring. pgt



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