23 December 2011

a BarBaRella Christmas


I just got back from a lovely trip
along the Milky Way
I stopped off at the North Pole
to spend a holiday.
I called on dear old Santa Claus
to see what I could see
He took me in his workshop
And told his plans to me, so...
Gillespie Coots


  1. I recently saw a special program on TCM that interviewed Jane Fonda on her films. She said Barbarella's low budget special effects were so new and untried that the production was wrought with problems. But her comment that the film produced a great amount of publicity, and that overshadowed any lack of critical and commercial success, was notable. However, there were some memorable visuals, I must say.
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  2. I will not comment about Barbarella, I'm afraid, although I find very appropriate time to think about her.

  3. Dear pgt. Thanks for giving me so much viewing and reading pleasure this year. Happy Christmas xoxx Jane

  4. I loved that film; I think my favorite scene was the one with the dolls with the sharp teeth, but the whole movie was pretty surreal.

  5. My dear friend at red mug blue linen prompted this post- his linked within my text. To each of you, thank YOU for your commentary and your own Posts-that I do visit, if not always commenting. Merry Christmas, Gaye



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