21 December 2011

little Muffie's French Aunt Bunny


see the Muffie legacy here
from my collection



  1. My very favorite present I can remember was a "muffie"

    rabbit fur (poor rabbit)!

    I will never forget it! so I have purchased on ebay two or three "muffs"!

    3 "leopard" (I can only hope they are not real) Certainly they are from the 30's and will not create a new need. My elderly friend gave them to me!

    I do have a real problem "with new real fur" and I hope it will replaced by the new, and amazing m "faux fur" It is brilliant!

    I would like to stop killing any animals to wear on our backs. We have moved on from there!

    Faux furs are beautiful....(not shiny as they were) and I am proud and delighted to wear them!

    I have inherited (lucky me) a sable jacket....circa 1940) When I wear it....I say it is "faux" and believe me; I would never ever buy a sable jacket today!!!!

    So there you go!

    More later!

    I love your blog!!!

  2. Hysterical ! love them could do with one here Winter arrived last night in Florence and already this am the 2nd power cut !! yes it happens in Italy regularly ! enjoy the week
    fay x

  3. A fantastic image PGT, the bigger than enormous fur hat, the scarf, the gloves... the angelic little face - ice skates at ready... even snow - a beautiful orange stamp, Rhone? Have you found us a beautiful creature from the Belle Epoque of France?

    Your eyes are lovely cameras and I like the way they stroll, Little Augury.



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