19 January 2012

a daughter's Grief

"I can't put in words how it helped me with the grieving process, I was keeping him alive in a metaphorical sense – he was there the whole time I was making it." Jane McAdam Freud said of the 3ft x 3ft x 1ft terracotta triptych sculpture of her late father, Lucian Freud.

Freud's EarthStone Triptych will be unveiled at the exhibit Lucian Freud, My Father in Sigmund Freud's former dining room at the Freud Museum this month. Sigmund Freud was Jane McAdam Freud's great-grandfather. Genius is runs deep in the Freud family to be sure. The dining room was the place Sigmund Freud would introduce his new acquisitions of ancient sculpture as the "guest of honour".
Of her father's death the sculptress said, "I had to face the fact he was dying. In the end, I made it into a triptych because I think he had many sides."

"Dad has one eye open and one eye closed.
When you are drawing it is a way of measuring – so this portrait could be him working, close to death, dreaming or asleep, or all of these things."

the quotes & the photographs on this post are from The Independent here
read more from Jane McAdam Freud and her process here
“Lucian Freud, My Father,” at London’s Freud Museum, January 25 through March 4 of this year.


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