15 January 2012

happy belated Cecil !


Let them have their cake!
“All I want is the best of everything and there's very little of that left” CB

January 14,1904- January 18, 1980

He took the Cake!
Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton



  1. He did, indeed, "take the cake!!"

    Thank you for bringing that expression to a new generation! I have collected Cecil Beaton's books....my entire life! I love all of them!

    He is such a "bitchy" (in a good way) narrator....such an unerring eye.

    All of his books should be back in print; and textbooks in high schools and prep schools across the country....USA and The England Isles.

    Fat chance of that!

    Tonight at a lovely restaurant here near Montecito, California......baseball hats on backward; dirty (and I mean dirty) jeans, those complicated athletic shoes (which are singularly ugly); loud, obnoxious rude young men. Hideous. They were talking about the "movies" I have a tremendous fear they are in charge of some of them! Frightening!!
    The lowest common denominator. Lowest. Surrounding themselves with like creatures. YUCK!!!

    It is ok......thank God for Netflix. we can just watch the great ones for the rest of our lives! At home! When we want to! And the children? We will have them join us!!!


  2. He was truly glamorous - in the best sense of the word.

  3. Fantastic ! I am a lover of hats and swear that when I begin to sag to the point where I want a face lift, I'm going to start wearing fabulous hats instead. Distraction is so much better than surgery.

  4. Dear Linnea.......just copy Madeline Castaing! She had some rig........with an elastic band that held her wig on ; and her chin up!

    I met her in her shop (I was on a pilgrimage)... so find a picture of her........and avoid any surgery! I think, honestly, she might have been 100 years old when I met her!




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